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Hiding Bear

B4 The Bell October 20

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Buddfox, Very uncharted waters. That's why everyone has to be patient with each other. We're like the blind men grasping different parts of the elephant and accurately describing what we're perceiving. And if the elephant and enema story is true, I'll be holding on to the trunk.


Ways to put money into the hands of Joe Six Pack....AHEM:


The military solution seems to work. Let the army mop up the unemployed like a big bloody sponge. That'll take care of that, until all you have left are the spoils of war, or an army of none.


And the protesters? Put them to work in industrial prisons churning out manufactured products we can no longer afford to have shipped from overseas. It'll bring down the trade deficit. Made in America by an authentic liberal-- quite the label. ---or--quality built by a genuine pinko.


Infrastructure projects. New York city sewer system, bridges, etc...


Of course the tremendous debt burden will reeeeaaallly crater the dollar. But as dear Yobob mentioned a long (sigh) time ago. A weak dollar doesn't matter as much within the country, if everything is contained, picked, processed, manufactured, serviced within fortress America, it'll nullify some of the effects of a worthless dollar.


By the way how did Weimer Germany sort out it's mess? I guess you could call this a rhetorical question. Any comments?


Buddfox, Your description of working for math nerds as an architect for an engineering firm is the artistic working for the autistic, si?


Brian, I hate that Celluci guy? I want to punch him in the mouth.

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Congrats to the REDSOX...that has to be one of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports..WOW :shocked


To bad it'll prolly all be for naught when they find a way to lose the World Series.. :(

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200 very valuable dollars.


But when this collapse occurs, there will be total chaos -- very unreal.


The hard part for most people will be trying to remain sane and stable in the midst of all the confusion.


That's what I'm workin' on.

Pistol, you scare me more than I scare myself.


When I heard that ING was asked for info this morning, I was tempted to close out my FDIC insured money market with them and just put the cash in the deposit box. Hell, its only 2% per annum anyways.


I will probably do that as the stock market deteoriates here shortly. I quess I am starting to panic to avoid the rush :D

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