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Alternative and Renewable Energy Stocks

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With energy prices soaring and power in short supply, alternative/Renewable energy have been getting wide attentions


-Solar energy



-Wind energy




-Fuel cells













PLUG Plug Power, Fuel Cells


FCEL Fuel Cells


HYGS Hydrogenics, Fule cells and test equipemts


BLDP BALLARD POWER SYSTEM, Fuel cells, with emphasis on cars


ESLR Evergreen solar, Solar film with String Ribbon technology


DSTI DayStar Technologies, solar cells


AMSC American Superconductor


ACPW ACTIVE POWER, Flywheels for backup power


BCON BEACON POWER, Larger flywheels for telecom customers


CPST Capstone Turbine


CMI Cummins Inc


ENER Energy Conversion Devices Inc


CHP C&D TECHNOLOGIES, Batteries for backup (CHP)


IMCO Impco Technologies Inc


MCEL Millennium Cell Inc


SATC SatCon Technology Corporation


SPIR Spire Corp, solar equipment, solar systems


(list to be completed)

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tanks for starting this thread. I've been looking for the right place to discuss these stocks on the Stool for a while, trying here sounds good to me. I think it makes sense to discuss them as a group because there are often fuzzy lines between the sectors within the sector.


Here's a list I refer to for a glance at the sector - I've added a couple from your list I didn't have before:

Beer's Malternative Energy List

I find this list handy for getting news on the group (near bottom of the page). For a while it was difficult to maintain the list given frequent moves to the pink sheets, delistings, etc, but that's settled down a bit for now. :lol:


I left out Cummins, as well as GE and UTX - all are becoming bigger players but of course it's still a relatively small part of their business. But their actiivity in the area must be tracked to evaluate the purer plays.

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as for subsectors within the sector, I think batteries and hydrogen storage are important ones, with batteries I think providing the best near term profit potential. This is one of those cases of overlap given that NiMH batteries (currently the choice for most hybrid vehicles and many consumer applications) share some technology with metal hydride based storage of hydrogen. However batteries themselves are in some cases threatened by fuel cells even today (for powering laptops, PDAs, etc). This is an example of why I agree it's best to discuss them as a group.

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stanley, good idea on the thread,


to many companies to keep track of alone


I have been trading BLDP and PLUG since this Aug. I made some nice coin too.


currently flat but looking for my re-entry point.



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I hold MCEL (I am underwater from the $1.20s, but GREAT opportunity right now due to just last week becoming under exchange capitalization requirements; IMVVVHO), and DESC (love the prospects here), BCON, BLDP, FCEL and HYGS. Looking to reenter CPST and ACPW.

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small fuel cells may see widespread use well before automotive apps. MKTY up today on govt contracts:

MTI Micro Receives Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Contracts


in fact, several companies were planning to market products this year, but NEC just delayed introduction and said it may be almost 2 years - claiming it's legal problems, not tech holding them back:

NEC Delays Fuel Cell Launch

While development of fuel cell technology is more or less at the point where it can be commercialized, a number of other issues have yet to be solved, says Diane Foley, a spokesperson for NEC in Tokyo.


These include regulations regarding carriage and use of fuel cells on airplanes and other forms of public transport. NEC had been hoping that such legal hurdles to commercialization would have been cleared by this year but it now expects this to happen around 2007, thus the delay, Foley says.


There are other issues that need to be solved including standardization of fuel cell cartridges and establishment of a sales network were new cartridges or fuel can be purchased.

probably some truth to all this, but for example the standardization issue shouldn't hold back the launch of a 1st generation product. cell phones don't use standardized batteries, and it's a pain, but the market deals with it for now.

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Businessweek Online


Special report: Alternative energy powers up



Racing to Energy's Great Green Future http://www.businessweek.com/technology/con..._4026_tc181.htm


Toward Tomorrow's Fuels http://www.businessweek.com/technology/con..._1005_tc181.htm


Enter the New American Dream House



Turning Manure into Black Gold


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EATONTOWN, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 19, 2004--Millennium Cell Inc. (NASDAQ:MCEL), a leading technology development company that offers a proprietary process to safely store, generate and deliver pure hydrogen, received a letter from Nasdaq on October 7, 2004, indicating that the Company was not currently in compliance with certain requirements necessary for continued listing on the Nasdaq National Market. The Company is evaluating several options available to either maintain its listing on the Nasdaq National Market or to the Nasdaq SmallCap Market.

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VW does a 180 on hybrids, who's next?

VW Changes Its Mind and Announces Hybrid Vehicles are In Its Future

As it has been, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and now Jeep, have still been able to tout the merits of clean, quiet, powerful yet economical common-rail diesel power against?complicated and as yet unproven (over the long haul) HEV systems, being that fuel economy figures do not necessarily benefit the Japanese and soon, with the introduction of the new Ford Escape Hybrid, domestic hybrids.



But all has changed since HEV leader Toyota announced diesel-HEVs would be part of its future (see automotive news section for August 16, 2004: Toyota Considering Making Diesel-Electric Hybrid Vehicles). The added benefits of diesel efficiency and performance would be considerably enhanced with an integrated hybrid-electric system, and could be done easily as all that is needed, simplistically, is for the gasoline-powered ICE (internal combustion engine) to be swapped out for a diesel one.

resistance is futile :lol:

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Tasman Resources to Convert 10,000 Beijing Buses to Hydrogen

well, hythane actually - and the hydrogen is a byproduct of the steel industry!

STRI is part of the Shougang Group which includes a major Chinese steel manufacturer, who have as a by-product a large quantity of hydrogen. It is this hydrogen that is anticipated to be used in the blending with Natural Gas to produce Hythane.

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Here's one of the reasons I like ENER:

Ford faces battery shortage problem in '05 for Escape Hybrid

Limited availability of nickel-metal hydride battery packs from supplier Sanyo will cap Escape Hybrid production at around 20,000 units in 2005, says Ford Division President Steve Lyons.


Ford Motor Co. is negotiating with the Japanese company to boost battery production. But additional capacity from Sanyo will require the company to expand its factory or build another.

for the record, as far as I know Sanyo is a licensee in good standing of ENER's technology. ENER, through their COBASYS joint venture with CVX, has significant battery manufacturing capability that has recently received needed certifications:


With the 2003 completion of our new 170,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Springboro, Ohio. Cobasys is positioned to be a high volume NiMH battery systems provider for transportation and stationary solutions. Located just off I-75 in Springboro, Ohio, near Dayton, Cobasys is capable of producing between 1.2 and 2 million batteries annually. Our obtainment of QS 9000 and ISO 14001 certification at this facility is a reflection of our vision and values. ISO 14001 is an environmental standard that demonstrates our commitment to a clean world. However, we are not stopping there.


These batteries would not be drop in replacements for the Sanyos but if nothing else might be designed into other models by Ford or others.


I want to make it clear to all here that this is a LTBH for me, so do your own DD. Mgmt is far from ideal, they provide few details and currently the company is in need of financing of some sort (may sell technology, enter another JV or simply refinance the solar plant). I think we'll know a lot more about whether ENER will finally amount to something in the next 6-18 mo. They need to see continued increases in solar sales, real battery contracts and product announcements (probably by partners) related to their non-volatile memory technology.

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Here's one of the reasons I like ENER: .....


I want to make it clear to all here that this is a LTBH for me, so do your own DD. ........


I think we'll know a lot more about whether ENER will finally amount to something in the next 6-18 mo. .....




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glad you found the post useful, stanley. I want to try to help keep this thread about how to make money in these stocks but given the stage of development most of these companies are in, I find it useful to track funnymental developments. Especially when the TA doesn't make me want to buy or sell at the moment.


An update to the article in my earlier post, Mecedes is joining the hybrid crowd:

Next S goes hybrid

This is not entirely new but is the most specific info I've seen.


If you could "recharge" these with hot air from our politicians, you might be on to something, but as it is this amounts to another way to run a car on electricity, and there's some doubt about the efficiency:

Car runs on compressed air, but will it sell?

How it works

In both cars, an electric pump compresses air into the tank at a pressure of 300 bars. The pump plugs straight into an ordinary household socket and takes four hours to complete the recharge.


"When you get home you normally plug in your cell phone," said Braud. "Well, now you do that with your car too."

The Air Car's pistons, pumped by the escaping compressed air, can take the vehicle up to 70 miles per hour. It can travel 50 miles at top speed on a full tank, or further at lower speeds.


Slightly pricier hybrid versions achieve higher speeds and longer ranges by running on a combination of compressed air and conventional gasoline, or bio-fuels derived from organic matter.

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Associated Press

Not Many Alternatives for Energy Investors

Saturday October 2, 5:10 pm ET

By Meg Richards, AP Business Writer



Motley Fool

Here Comes the Sun

Friday September 24, 4:42 pm ET

By Brian Gorman

It's time investors got serious about solar power



Edit: link obsolete

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