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Looks like the 13 lined ground squirrel (day) cycle bottomed on Fryday. The question is how long will the up-chuck phaze last.


Friday had Moon sqaure Neptune at 11:43 am. Last several Neptune aspects have been mostly to the upside. Neptune is usually good for confusion and churning which we got a good dose of Fryday (many on this board will consider anything to the upside as confused laugh.gif ).


Moonday Moon conjunct Pluto at 2:41 am. Expect a futures rally here and an overnight gold/silver take-down. No hard aspects during the day so we can expect the price to go in one direction. Being Toosday has Moon square Jupiter at 3:46 am I would expect Moonday to be up and another early morning ramp-up Toosday morning.


After-hours Toosday we have Moon square Mars at 8:55 pm and Sun square Saturn at 9:26 pm. The later is a very strong negative aspect usually good for down days on both sides of the aspect, however it looks like the down days will follow the aspect with Moon oppose Saturn at 4:36 pm Wednesday and Venus square Pluto at 5:36 pm Wetnesday. Venus = value, Pluto - greed. Often, Pluto aspects are bad for gold, but this could be a move into gold on value issues if gold gets hit hard-enough overnight Someday into Moonday.



Closed out my gold/silver calls and QQQ/DJX puts, except the deep out of the money insurance puts and out of money March gold calls. Long QQQ/DJX calls for a day or two. Expect to be back in index puts and gold/silver calls sometime Tuesday morning.


Oct 27 looks like a low with Full Harvest or Hunters Moon, Lunar eclipse and Moon square Saturn at 8:25 am.


The first 2 -3 days post election look nasty. Election day itself has a Moon square Jupiter at 2 am so there should be another futures jam with give back later in the day (Mercury trine Saturn at 1 pm).

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Looks like Moon conjunct Pluto overnight has pushed price down rather than up. Pluto is good for head-fakes. Friday could have been a head fake up or this morning's futures a head-fake down. Gold has been flat and silver down a bit despite crude reaching new highs overnight. Let's see what happens on the NY open. If gold gets slammed, I would expect to see a reversal in equities later--which would be in line with classic Pluto head-fake. Of course, the large layers may want to bring this down. IBM and TXN report after the close, so we may see a ange-bound day waiting for them to report. Still expecting an overnight futures jam into Toosday as Jupiter aspects are farily relaible for that.

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One possiblilty is Toosday night's Sun square Saturn is already having an effect and negating any ST bounce aspects. Gold\Silver looks to have firmed up. We'll see if the highs are on the NY open or whether Gold/Silver can advance through the course of the day.

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Thanks for the Astros.  Like many others here, I love um.

Tanks. I'll keep posting as long as there is interest. Hopefully this will coax some of the more experienced astrology folks on this board to post.


Classic Pluto day so far. Bears and Bulls getting burned. Head fake down in the morning and now it's popping up. Wouldn't be surprised to see another drop later or afterhours drop and then the expected overnight Moon square Jupiter 3 am ramp up. Sun square Saturn Thursday night should limit the upside though.


Regretably, chickened out of my DJX Nov 99 and QQQ Nov 35 calls this monring when the drop looked like more than just a head fake.


Looks toppy at this point on the daily cycles.


Gold/silver have weakened, but holding up decently for a Pluto day. I am starting to think that Venus square Saturn on Wedensday (5:25 pm) will negative for gold. Could go either way, but if I remember correctly recent Venus-Saturn aspects have been negative for gold.


Venus = value/desire, Pluto = greed/manipulation.

Could be greed to own something (gold) or the manipulation of values (gold). Depends on whether the Saturn aspects hit equities hard enough to send money into gold versus the powers of manipulation. On the fence here.


Tempted to try the new ECBOT Gold and Silver contracts on a good low near the bottom of the channel. Been using the options on COMEX, but too illiquid and my borker is slow to report non-electronic executions. Plus ECBOT trasdes 24 hours. Easy to set up stops without worrying about overnight take downs.

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Mid-day Toosday. Looks like battling 5 hour and 1 day cycles. Sun square Saturn at 9:26 pm should be taking effect and dampen any move to the upside this afternoon. There was Sun sextile Mercury at 4:13 am--wonder if any news item came up tied into Sun square Saturn.


Sun = consciousness. Saturn = restriction. Could manifest outside of markets though it usually is a downer for one to several days.


Nice 1 day cycle bottom on Gold and Silver this morning. Hadn't quite bottomed when I left for work and getting stuck in traffic and having a meeting in the am, I didn't get to play this one.


Wetnesday: Moon oppose Saturn at 5:25 pm should put a damper on price at least in the afternoon. Venus square Pluto at 4:26 pm. As I mentioned this could impact gold. Could be a negative for gold, but in the current context it could also be positive. I was going to look for ECBOT Gold/Silver entries early today and put tight stops on them, but things got in the way of that as mentioned earlier. They are getting anal again about net usuage outside of lunch hour where I work.


Bought DJX Nov 100 and QQQ Nov 37 puts for a short term play.


If Wetnesday's astro doesn't nip this rally in the bud, it will be time to close the puts and buy calls.

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Sun square Saturn in full effect this evening. Fucutures crumbling. We should see a good down day tomorrow with Moon oppose Saturn late afternoon. Sun square Saturn effect should last at least into Thursday. Perhaps Friday. This is where the bears have the astro's going their way. We need to see a good continuation move down here if we're going to have a decline of any signifiance this fall.


Bought Newmont Nov 45 calls late afternoon. Will be looking to add 1 ECBOT Gold and 1 ECBOT Silver under the right conditions.

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Bounce back as of late morning. The question is how weak or how strong. We still have Moon oppose Saturn after the close.


Also a double bottom on the DOW with the Aug lows.


It is imperitive for the bear cause that price drops this afternoon with astro favorable to the bears, otherwise we are just going sideways-down through this weak period and may end up up with a signifianct rally when it's over.


Gold/Silver doing well mostly on asian market buying overnight past two days. We have Venus square Pluto to contend with after the close. I remember the last ones not being good for gold, but it could turn into an afterhours buying frenzy in metals or a takedown attemp. Venus = value. Pluto = greed and/or manipulation. It could manifest as gred to own something (gold) or manipulation of gold's value. Considering the run up yesterday and today, profit taking later in the metals trading sessions could spark a take down.

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Looks like the Venus square Pluto cancelled out the Sun square Saturn and Moon oppose Saturn in equities. Sun square Saturn power may be rapidly fading at this point.


If Venus square Pluto affected gold & silver, it was seen in a move up from late morning.


The rest of the week is a difficult read. The DJX has held a double bottom so far. Maybe some churn or a bounce of some substance.


Mr. Softee reports after the close Turdsday. We have a Moon square Mercury (news) around 1 pm and Moon conjunct Neptune in the evening (7 pm). Oil???? The monring starts off with Moon trine Jupiter around 7 am so a bounce in the pre-market is likely.


I've already mentioned 10/27 as another potential low point.

Moon square Saturn before the open, full Moon and lunar eclipse 11 pm.


Astro gets nastier after election day. Moon conjunct Saturn on 11/3 and Mars square Saturn on 11/7 (a Sunday, but this aspect can have impact over several days).

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A-one, thanks for setting up this board and for your great posts.


This Oct. 22 turn date that everyone is seeing -- is that because of the astro, or Fib ratios, or just because???? :unsure: Thanks.

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A-one, thanks for setting up this board and for your great posts.


This Oct. 22 turn date that everyone is seeing -- is that because of the astro, or Fib ratios, or just because???? :unsure: Thanks.



10/22 could be a turn on one of the Bradley models, but I have 11/11 on the one I am looking at. Some Gann and cycle folks have been eying 10/22 as a low.


Looks to me that QQQ is well on it's way up, but has more to go. The DJX has defended 9800 yet again. The SPX has probably gone a low as it is going to on this move.


Moon trine Jupiter around 7 this morning gave us a positive opening.

Moon Square Mercury around 1 pm gave us news that spooked the markets.

Moon Conjunct Neptune around 7 pm--can you say WHOPSAW. Lately Neptune aspects have resulted in higher prices.


Looks to me that the markets have factored in a Kerry Victory. Look at stem cell co's ASTM and STEM. It helped that a newsletter with 25,000+ subscribers urged it's members to buy ASAP. Always humorous watching newsletter lemmings going in or out of thinly traded stocks. And of course THE TECHS. Deja Vu, Clinto all over again, minus the stained blue dress. So-called repulican stocks like big pharma and insurace hae bee down.


Let's look at a chart of Chubb. Seems to have a 3 year cycle on the monthlies and is at the midway point poised to go down.


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I am rethinking Mars square Pluto on 11/7. Mars = War, Agression, Action, Vitality. Saturn = Restriction.


With a Kerry victory, a lame duck GWB would be itching at the trigger to do something, but would be held back by Colin Powell, the CIA, Joint Chiefs of Staff and senior congressional Republicans. Consequently GWB will look like he has a bad case of hemorroids.


As for manana (Fryday). No hard or soft aspects during trading hurs.Overnight we have Moon trine Mars and pre-open we have Moon Sextile Pluto. Looks like another up open. Consequently a one-directional day---UP.


Neptune has been retrograde which may be why Neptune aspects have been mostly positive for price. It goes direct Sunday.


Will buy QQQ calls in the morning and may close out DJX 90 insurance puts. Closed out all in the money puts this morning and bought QQQ Nov 36 calls but chickened out. Was driving around during the afternoon hearing DOW down 80 on the radio and was releaved I had closed the calls, but wondered if I f*ed up closing the puts, but sure enough it rebounded later. Looks like the churn at a low. Of course the bears could still win if some event pushes the DOW firmly below 9800. Will take a wait and see on DJX calls and S&P minis in the commodes account.


Have been watching gold and silver like a deer caught in headlights since missing my buy Tuesday morning due to a combo of gridlock and meetings. Bought Gold yesterday, but chickened out today. Bought silver in the am and sold a few minutes later as it started dropping. Still holding Feb Gold 430 calls (closed out the Gold Dec 400 calls and silver Dec 700 calls last week).


Neptune must be hitting something in my natal chart or something else is hitting my natal Sun conjunct Neptune because my trading has been confused as all hell,, yet my writing seems lucid. Will have to reinstall some astro clock software so I can look at this (gradully rebuilidng two machines with the software I need without the years of crap from previous upgrades).


As for Techs. TIBX looked to be topping and I was waiting for a low or end of sideways movement to dong, but it has been going up further. May be one of these jump on because this bus doesn't stop kind of trades.


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Well, today having no hard or soft aspects during trading hours was one directional. DOWN!!!! The pre-open soft-aspects caused price to top out around the open. Looks like the bulls shot their collective wad on Turdsday.


Consequently I didn't buy QQQ calls, but held off on buying puts until DOW broke 9800. In hindsight it would have made sense to buy the QQQ puts regardless of the DOW as QQQ 13 lined ground squirrel cycle broke down with a vengeance (13 day cycle to some of you). However the daily or 60 minute up trend has not quite broken yet on the QQQs.


Have both QQQ 36 and DJX 98 Nov puts now. In hindsight, I would ahve donw well holding on to the 37's and 100's, but shake-outs are shake-outs and part of the game.


S&P has only retraced roughly 50% of it's last move and needs more work on the downside.


The bears are like the Boston Red Sox. It took the fourth try this week (the last 2x today) to finally break DOW 9800 and hold there. Now if they can at least hold that for the next three days into the Lunar Eclipse they'll sweep.


TIBX mentioned yesterday just breaking it's uptrend line.


ECBOT Gold & Silver were higher post in post COMEX hours. Death to COMEX!!!! Viva CBOT!!!!!!


I assume Al will be on the bat phone this weekend, unless he is going to let GWB twist in the wind.


Look's like some little Dutch boy will be taken to task for leaving his station to take a wiz leaving the dike unplugged.

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Someday we had Moon square Pluto around 1 pm and Moon oppose Venus at 10 pm. I would expect value issues to arise from the later.


Overnight into Moonday, Moon trine Saturn around 1 am should yeild weakness in equities fuctures.


The fuctures are down as I write this and Gold/Silver are up. The tell was a slight rise in both on ECBOT after the COMEX close Fryday.


I would expect the down trend to continue in the AM with a bounce late in the day as we have Moon oppose Jupiter around 6 pm on Moonday. Sun trine Uranus around 10 pm. The later may be positive for techs. There have been times when techs and metals have moved in tandem.


Toosday may be a bounce day with Venus sextile Saturn around 1 pm followed by Moon oppose Mars and Moon trine Pluto in the evening. It is possbile that Venus sextile Saturn could cause a constriction in value and avoidance of buying rather than an urge to pick up what are percieved as good values. In that case the Mars/Pluto action could be a push down. We'll have to see the context after Moonday.


Sort of like doing E-Waves with two alternates. The astro can often go both ways. IMO it makes sense to look at it from both bullish and bearish views and determine what would negate or support either view.


There is a Moon sextile Neptune around 5 am Toosday which could cause weakness in equities futures and strength in oil futures, but I don't see this as having a major impact on trading hours.

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I would expect the down trend to continue in the AM with a bounce late in the day as we have Moon oppose Jupiter around 6 pm on Moonday. Sun trine Uranus around 10 pm. The later may be positive for techs.


Toosday may be a bounce day with Venus sextile Saturn around 1 pm followed by Moon oppose Mars and Moon trine Pluto in the evening.

Well the Jupiter energy supported the major indexes on Moonday and we had a good bounce Toosday. Wetnesday should see weakness early in the day with Moon square Saturn at 8:25 am. Soft aspects are Moon sextile uranus around 7 am and Mars sextile Pluto around 1:15 pm. Pluto is usually manipulative. Factor in mars and we have an agressiveness this this. There is also a full moon/lunar eclipse starting around 9pm EST Wetnesday night.


Three possbile reads:

1) Rally out of hole.

2) Moon square Saturn erases enough of today's gain that big players decide to push DOWN.

3) Rally out of hole and late day reversal down due to eclipse. Bulls and Bears get whipsawed into oblivion.


I think curtain #1 is more likely given the current context. Bears beware.


Turdsday. Moon square Neptune at 1:30 pm. Could be another up move in oil. Neptune aspects often rersult in confused trading ranges. Lately they have been positive for price, BUT Neptune was retrograde and went direct last weekend. Now that it is in forward motion, let's see if the impact on price changes to negative.


Fryday we have Moon oppose Mercury at 5:30 pm. News. Merccury often is early. Soft aspects are Moon sextile Saturn around 6 pm. Consequently, I would expect weakness late in the day. The early trading hours will depend on Turdsday's action. No hard aspects during trading hours can result in a one directional day like last Fryday which was a steady down move.


A bounce is possibly Moonday and Erection day next week.


Moonday: Moon Trine Uranus just before the close and, Moon Square Venus in the evening. at 7:40 pm.


Ovenight into Toosday/Erection Day is Moon square Jupiter. Expect a major futures jam or perhaps a late in the day rally on Moonday.


Erecton Day has Moon square Mars around 12:30 pm. think aggression & violence. Whether it manifests in the markets or elsewhere remians to be seen. Also Mercury trine Saturn around 1 pm. I would expect news of a negative or restrictive nature.


Keep in mind the following day has Moon conjunct Saturn around 5 pm. Usually a low point. Also coincides with tragic explosions/accidents within a 1 - 2 day window on boths sides of exact aspect. 911 was one day after a Moon conjunct Saturn. This aspect appears monthly. The last one coincided with a car explosion and a bus fire (separate accidents) both within the area of Weehawken near the Lincoln Tunnel (from NJ to NYC). This means that there could be a violent event on election day. Hopefully there won't be, but be prepared. If you're playing a boucne on the long side it may be a good idea to exit by Moonday's close even if it means passing up a likely fucutures rally Toosday morning.


Closed my DJX and QQQ puts this morning. Donged one of Marky-Marks's zoo animals (TZOO) around midday. Picked up half of the move. Also bought calls on ARTC.


Silver/Gold pulling back but still in trend channels, thought he daily sto's look toppy.

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