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Guest yobob1

B4 the Bell Humpday, Sept. 22, 2004

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From what I can gather, Deep Blue Sea he of  a half dozen aliases, is back. I can't prove it yet, but when I do, I am going to direct legal counsel in Canada to find out what legal actions are possible against him for the ongoing harrassment of members of this board. 


I apologize to those who have born the brunt of it, but there is little I can do mechanically to stop an individual who is absolutely determined to be disruptive.

It appears that someone is on a mission to bring down this community one member at a time, using the PM route to do so. If you receive an attacking PM from anyone, just forward it to Doc and don't take the bait. It may not be about zealotry or politics, it may be about bringing down Doc's site - one person at a time - through anonymous personal attacks.


Just another conspiracy theory.

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Guest yobob1
The Justice Department has agreed to release a U.S. citizen held as an enemy combatant for more than two years, clearing the way for him to return to Saudi Arabia, officials said Wednesday.


Ashcroft v. Hamdi


This is one of the cases that went all the way to the Supreme Court. Now the 'Justice' Dept. walks away from it. Probably they had nothing on Hamdi.


The Padilla case remains, where an American citizen has been held for more than two years without access to judicial processes ... and was recently told by the Supreme Court to start over in a different district court, based on a technicality of jurisdiction.


Today's deportation of Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam is another fascist signifier ... free countries don't restrict the entry of artists, writers and musicians that they disapprove of.

What I found adding to my disbelief are the terms of his release. Renounce US citizenship and get shipped to Saudi. Ok I can deal with that. But the kicker is the travel restrictions imposed by the US. Of course he's not welcome in the US, but excuse me all to hell, but when is it appropriate for the US government to tell a non US citizen not living in the US where he can go besides saying not welcome here? IMO once he became a non citizen, we have nothing to say about his life from that point on.


Butters come home. The rectal orfice responsible for your departure isn't even suitable for use as fertilizer if it is who Doc suspects. Internment of said individual would result in yet another Super Fund site.


To those pointing out that it is the Dems who have introduced the draft legislation, it might be wise to consider that if Shrubco hadn't lied to take us to war and then efffed it up so bad, we might not be in this position of having too few personnel. Personally I am in favor of a draft if it first takes all politicians over the age of 30 with no possible defferments. Heck we should even let W make up for his missing time and of course everyone in his administration that has never served. Oops that would be just about everyone.


Of course that's a pretty shallow look at the over-all problem which is we have troops stationed in something like 140 countries. We make England's attempt at Empire look feeble. IMO we need a few friendly ports for our Navy ( and the ability to defend those) and perhaps a few friendly airfields scattered about, but beyond that we don't need troops stationed in every frickin country on the planet.

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Paul Bremer, our wonderous CPA administrator in Iraq is a Kissinger protege.

Did anybody besides me get the idea that Bremer's objectives were NOT

about the reconstruction of Iraq, but perhaps about something else?


Never ever have I seen a group of gov't workers fail so badly in implementing

what was a rather straightforward course of action.

The Oil-for-Food program was already in there doing reconstruction so its

not like nobody knew what was there and what needed fixing.

Iraqi people still don't have drinkable water and reliable electricity.

But Halliburton and friends have sure done some great studies on it.


WHEN will the people here wake up and see that the people there are NOT

getting the help we promised them.?



Sadly, Bremmer's tour of duty in Iraq was a total success for those whom he represents. Keep an eye on the grounds above which the greatest quantities of oil exist. Note that humans are dying above it. In the long term, it's just a hell of a lot easier to extract the remaining oil when there is nobody left above ground to protest your actions. If you had an opportunity to view Dick Cheney's map of oil fields that he intends to control on behalf of his overlords, you can simply cross reference it to every story about "terrorists" to understand that if we create "terrorism" on the land above the oil, we create the justification for boots on the ground. There is literally NO humanitarian goal in any of these efforts...quite the opposite in fact. Depopulation and culling make for a cleaner "extraction process." The troops of the United States of America are in the employ of big oil - as their security force.


Bremmer's job was not to improve the condition of the people of Iraq, or to enable voting or Democracy. Quite the opposite. Mission Accomplished.


When you hear President Bush use the term "Spreading Freedom Around The Globe" - the rest of the world clearly knows that this is code for "global domination of oil supplies." I'm certain that there is a plan that includes a projection of how many souls need to exit the earth to accomplish their goals - and I'm certain they are as cold-hearted about these realities as anyone can imagine. When you have the US Military as your own personal "power tool" and you can put profits first as your only priority, and perceive the value of a human life to be zero, the world is your oyster.


Dick Cheney has got to be the most dangerous man alive...and he is ON PLAN.


Follow the money. Wherever you see a rise in "Terrorism", you will find a puppet/dictator in "their" employ running the country. Putin is doing his job masterfully. Think of a 20 year plan that does not account for morality, humanity or the condition of the environment. They're "on plan."



Niger Delta: Again, Military Accused of Using Chemical Weapons





Niger Struggling to Deal with Increased Cases of Polio





Heavy troop presence in Nigerian oil city






US Anti-Terrorism Training in Niger Has Supporters, Skeptics



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Well, we wondered where the next announcement was going to come from to drive the price of oil back down. Less than 24 hours later...here it is!



From The Ministry of Disinformation:


Crude Falls on Speculation U.S. May Loan Refiners Strategic Oil


Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Crude futures fell from a record-high close in London on speculation the U.S. may loan oil to refiners from its Strategic Petroleum Reserve after inventories last week declined toward their lowest in almost three decades.



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