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Hiding Bear

B4 The Bell Frieday September 17

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1.) 10-YR T-rates have been coming down

2.) Higher short term rates support the $-buck and keep foreign credits

flowing .



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This is supposed to be an amazing documentary


The Fence (W-FIVE Presents)

SAT SEPT 18 at 10pm - Alexandre Trudeau's The Fence Airs Saturday, September 18 on CTV -Trudeau tells the intimate tale of two families on the opposing sides of the security barrier.


Toronto, Ontario (September 3, 2004) - "I may love this place for its beauty, for its history, for its power," says Alexandre Trudeau. "But I loathe it for its incessant reminder of the continued failure of the human spirit."


Trudeau recently spent a season working and living with families in the West Bank and has chronicled that experience in his latest documentary The Fence. Written, produced and narrated by Trudeau, The Fence is the intimate tale of two families on opposing sides of the security barrier in the Jenin-Afula area. Today, CTV announced that The Fence will premiere Saturday, September 18 at 10 p.m. ET (check local listings).


As a filmmaker, Trudeau's trademark is first hand coverage in conflict-ridden areas such as Iraq and Liberia. In this one-hour documentary, he takes viewers into the midst of the West Bank where the Israelis have erected a massive fence between themselves and the Palestinians with the hope of eliminating the violence and suicide bombings from the Palestinian side.


"I have been on both sides of that fence," says Trudeau. "I have laughed with the people there and shared their fears and frustrations. They are just people."


Trudeau brings viewers the human face of this conflict and how the people are coping with the enduring hostilities. A complex mix of people and emotions, Trudeau's subjects include the Atars who, because of the fence, are able to momentarily forget that Israel is such a troubled place. Rami, their best employee who has become trapped on the Israeli side of the fence, unable to return home because once he crosses to the other side he will not be permitted to return to work and support his family. Areen, whose hometown of Jenin was once a quiet place and is now a chaotic city made up of closed stores, bad roads, random gunshots and terror.

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T Minus One and Counting


Monday Is The Day


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Israel has repeatedly warned that it may sooner or later take direct action to stop an Iranian nuclear bomb "going critical".


As Amos Perlmutter, Michael Handel and Uri Bar-Joseph recount in their book Two Minutes over Baghdad, the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, was once part of a three-man inner circle that kept even the very sympathetic administration of President Ronald Reagan completely in the dark as they planned and carried out the daring 1981 airstrike on Iraq's Osirak nuclear plant.


That exploit had little visible fallout. But a repeat performance against Iran today would be universally perceived as American in spirit, even if exclusively Israeli in execution, and the whole Middle Eastern mess which America came to Iraq to clean up would instantly cross a new threshold in scale, virulence and unpredictability.



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Thinking I'd missed something....I just got off the phone with my MP-we currently have 7 to 10 U.S. Military members some with their families seeking refugee status in Canada. Some came back from Iraq and came here, others were to be deployed there and came here. They are still here after many months going thru Immigration appeals which as I said previously can go on for years. They like others are allowed to work as they go thru the hoops. There has been no agreement signed with the U.S. that would mean their automatic return. Martin could sign such an agreement but I doubt he would, being smart he would bring it before Parliament and I doubt it would get passed. Canada is not anti a just war but is anti folly. Iraq one and Afghanistan had our full participation but Nam and Iraq 2 did not. In reference to Immigration sure marry a Canuck and you are in, Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Registered Nurses, Entrepreneurs with money all get a free pass. Got a Canadian relative who can sponsor and will be responsible for you again pretty much a free pass. There are over 300 occupations and categories listed that require only being hired and sponsored by a Canadian Company. Having said all that the "refugee " route is the most popular there are apparently about 2 hundred thousand of those claims backlogged now and those folk are living and working here. Those with criminal records or terrorism ties can forget about it, they go right back where they from but that policy only came in after 911. Citizenship can be acquired in 3 years and in some cases within a year.

Tanks B4, that is very informative. ;)


How about if you are married to an RN? :D


Correct me if I am wrong, but your part of Canada appears to have the most moderate weather, which is a plus to me. However, it also seems that housing prices are very high - although I believe they were already high for Canada even before the last few years RE boom. Also correct me if I am wrong there.


I have two sons and they probably will be approaching the draft age just when the draft may get going in earnest - should GWB win. Maybe even if he doesn't too. As much Kerry became well known for his anti-war effort in Vietnam days, his objections to the current situation is less than keen. Looking back to Clinton, we saw that he continued pretty much what was started before him in Iraq - regular bombing attacks on 'radar bases'. Maybe Kerry will continue what was started too, until casualties become too great.

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As you relax tonight, give a thought to the grim plight of Mad Al. He is like a man adrift at sea with no fresh water. Let me explain.


Al's running a $1.3 trillion commodity pool (the custody account). The commodity is U.S. Treasurys. Their prices are being pegged at 1.5% on the short end, and 4.2% on the long (10-year) end. However, there are two problems.


Let's take the less serious problem first. As every commodity pool from the tin cartel to the Intl. Coffee Org. to OPEC has proven, a pool CAN'T survive without enforcing production discipline. Unfortunately, the Treasury is expanding the supply of U.S. debt at about 10% annually. And the Fed has no control over that.


Convincing the Asian members to keep escalating their contributions to the pool, while the U.S. refuses to exert any fiscal discipline, is ultimately a losing proposition. It starts to look self serving.


The more serious problem is that the entire $1.3 trillion custody account serves as reserves for the expansion of foreign (mainly developed Asian) money supplies. So what, you say?


In a world with free movement of goods and capital, we're all competing for the same goods and assets. Growth of the global money supply produces global inflation. Look at the price of oil, for instance.


And as inflation rises, yields on Treasurys should rise also. But Mad Al is trying to peg yields by pooling more and more Treasurys -- which only increases the inflationary pressure.


So Mad Al is like the fellow on the lifeboat, driven nuts by thirst, who starts gulping salt water. No matter how much salt water he swallows, he can never "catch up with" or satiate his thirst. He can only accelerate his doom.


And on that mournful note, I will hoist another beer -- to you, Mad Al! To your magnificent futility!!

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G will go down in american history as the worst chairman of the Fed ever.



I am in a great mood for some reason (it is rare).


Dead kennedy's M tv get off the year. At my job next.




Fun Fun Fun in the fluffy chair

Flame up the herb

Woof down the beer



I'm your video DJ

I always talk like I'm wigged out on quaaludes

I wear a satin baseball jacket everywhere I go


My job is to help destroy

What's left of your imagination

By feeding you endless doses

Of sugar-coated mindless garbage


So don't create

Be sedate

Be a vegetable at home

And thwack on that dial

If we have our way even you will believe

This is the future of rock and roll


How far will you go

How low will you stoop

To tranquilize our minds with your sugar-coated swill


You've turned rock and roll rebellion

Into Pat Boone sedation

Making sure nothing's left to the imagination


M.T.V. Get off the

M.T.V. Get off the

M.T.V. Get off the air

Get off the air


See the latest rejects from the muppet show

Wag their tits and their dicks

As they lip-synch on screen

There's something I don't like

About a band who always smiles

Another tax write-off

For some schmuck who doesn't care


M.T.V. Get off the air

And so it was

Our beloved corporate gods

Claimed they created rock video

Allowing it to sink as low in one year

As commercial TV has in 25

'It's the new frontier,' they say

It's wide open, anything can happen

But you've got a lot of nerve

To call yourself a pioneer

When you're too g-d-damn conservative

To take real chances.



Graph-paper brained accountants

Instead of music fans

Call all the shots at giant record companies now


The lowest common denominator rules

Forget honesty

Forget creativity

The dumbest buy the mostest

That's the name of the game


But sales are slumping

And no one will say why

Could it be they put out one too many lousy records!


M.T.V.-Get off the air!


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Both off the Frankenchrist album 1985 Decay music.


If your machine might slip a gear

Push this button to help it clear

Your time card says your name's Joe

But we'll call you 6-3-0



I'm working at my job

I'm so happy

More boring by the day

But they pay me

All that time spent going to school

Just to end up following-rules


Now it's time to take a break

Don't stray too far or you'll be late

Thank you for your service and a long career

Glad you gave us your best years



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Same album/ Stars and stripes of corruption.


Finally got to Washington in the middle of the night

I couldn't wait

I headed straight for the Capitol Mall

My heart began to pound

Yahoo! It really exists

The American International Pictures logo


I looked up at that Capitol Building

Couldn't help but wonder why

I felt like saying 'Hello, old friend'


Walked up the hill to touch it

Then I unzipped my pants

And pissed on it when nobody was looking


Like a great eternal Klansman

With his two flashing red eyes

Turn around he's always watching

The Washington monument pricks the sky

With flags like pubic hair ringed 'round the bottom


The symbols of our heritage

Lit up proudly in the night

Somehow fits to see the homeless people

Passed out on the lawn


So this is where it happens

The power games and bribes

All lobbying for a piece of ass


Of the stars and stripes of corruption

Makes me feel so ashamed

To be an American

When we're too stuck up to learn from our mistakes

Trying to start another Viet Nam

Whilke fiddling while Rome burns at home

The Boss says, 'You're laid off. Blame the Japanese'

'America's back,' alright

At the game it plays the worst

Strip mining the world like a slave plantation


No wonder others hate us

And the Hitlers we handpick

To bleed their people dry

For our evil empire


The drug we're fed

To make us like it

Is God and country with a band


People we know who should know better

Howl, 'America riles. Let's go to war!'

Business scams are what's worth dying for


Are the Soviets our worst enemy

We're destroying ourselves instead

Who cares about our civil rights

As long as I get paid


The blind Me-Generation

Doesn't care if life's a lie


so easily used, so proud to enforce


The stars and stripes of corruption

Let's bring it all down!

Tell me who's the real patriots

The Archie Bunker slobs waving flags

Or the people with the guts to work

For some real change

Rednecks and bombs don't make us strong

We loot the world, yet we can't even feed ourselves

Our real test of strength is caring

Not the toys of war we sell the world

Just carry on, thankful to be farmed like worms

Old glory for a blanket

As you suck on your thumbs


Real freedom scares you

'Cos it means responsibility


So you chicken out and threaten me


Saying, 'Love it or leave it'

I'll get beat up if I criticize it

You say you'll fight to the death

To save your useless flag


If you want a banana republic that bad

Why don't you go move to one

But what can just one of us do

Against all that money and power

Trying to crush us into roaches


We don't destroy society in a day

Until we change ourselves first

From the inside out


We can start by not lying so much

And treating other people like dirt

It's easy not to base our lives

On how much we can scam


And you know

It feels good to lift that monkey off our backs


I'm thankful I live in a place

Where I can say the things I do

Without being taken out and shot

So I'm on guard against the goons

Trying to take my rights away

We've got to rise above the need for cops and laws


Let kids learn communication

Instead of schools pushing competition

How about more art and theater instead of sports


People will always do drugs

Let's legalize them

Crime drops when the mob can't price them

Budget's in the red

Let's tax religion


No one will do it for us

We'll just have to fix ourselves

Honesty ain't all that hard

Just put Rambo back inside your pants

Causing trouble for the system is much more fun


Thank you for the toilet paper

But your flag is meaningless to me

Look around, we're all people

Who needs countries anyway


Our land, I love it too

I think I love it more than you

I care enough to fight


The stars and stripes of corruption

Let's bring it all down!

If we don't try

If we just lie

If we can't find

A way to do it better than this

Who will

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