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Hiding Bear

B4 The Bell, Thursday September 2

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Whoa! Nice post Sherlock! No, you are not a nut and thank-you for researching 'that article'.


'The article' opens a big ol' can of worms IMHO. I can certainly appreciate those of the Jewish faith being very sensitive to its claims. If I were Jewish I would probably be offended. However, as 'the article' claims, there is no denying the powerful influence of an Israeli lobby on the US government.


The way I like to look at things is that if you are a minority, any minority, you have to look out for your interests - otherwise you may be steamrollered by the majority. Jews have a LONG history of being persecuted, and as a result are a very tough, I would say, brilliant, minority. That some of this diverse minority should be found in positions of power should surprise no one. A case can be made for influence from Jewish individuals in positions of power. Whether these individuals act as a cohesive 'group' is another question entirely. Personally I find the 'group' thesis less than compelling.


However going from 'influence' to saying that 9/11 was part of a 'Zionist conspiracy' is a stretch to say the least, definitely hurtful to most American Jews and likely utter bullshit.


Just my $.02.



P.S. to TE - mjkst said that?? Wow.

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I spoke with him that night. (mjkst). He told me in no uncertain terms that he believes the Jews behind the scenes wanted and in fact aided Hitler to kill the six million so that eventually they could get a Jewish state in Israel.


After hearing that, I could not bring myself to reading the link.


Something bad has taken over his way of thinking. I wish him vision.

Thanks for posting that, End.


MJ, wherever you are, if that's indeed the case please destroy my phone number and email address. You won't be needing them anymore.

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