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Guest yobob1

B4 the Bell, Humpday Sept. 1, 2004

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The 'take home message' that I get from both the DemonRat and PukeLickin' CONventions is: both parties still firmly believe that "borrow and spend" works.


By 2006, we should see the first trillion-dollar deficit.


When the Peachback Paper Paradise burns, gold and silver will be the ONLY place to hide.


As PeeBrain might say,


Gold -- it's not just for misers anymore. :lol:

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Dok do a Google on:

hurricane fema preparation


There are some good check lists specifying some items you may have overlooked


beardrech :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: When a man can keep his head while everyone about him is losing theirs,it would appear that he simply doesn't know what the f**k its all about

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Hoping for the best for all the floridians. ANyone have a site link to track the hurricane? Any chance this thing will turn north and miss the coast?

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As I said yesterday

The keystrokes toy with the shorts.

Whos going to stop them? The SEC? move along folks ...we KNOW whats best for America.

That was a well planned attack.

Keep as many off the train as possible.

I keep thinking Ive seen everything after 30 years of trading and then....

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