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Story #1:


Hurricane Charlie should reduce weekly unemployment claims : since falling below 350K in mid-Feb, initial claims have been rangebound and centered near 340K. This morning's release is likely to show a low level given the inability for those who suffered through Hurricane Charlie to get to the claims offices. Its only a one week blip however and plays no part in the employment data released Sept 3. The stall in the longer term downtrend is consistent with this stage of the business cycle as new hiring now directs monthly payrolls rather than the layoffs -- best seen in claims -- so closely watched a year ago.




The Labor Department (news - web sites) reported Thursday that new applications for unemployment insurance increased by a seasonally adjusted 10,000 to 343,000 for the week ending Aug. 21. Half of the 10,000 rise was attributed to claims stemming from the hurricane, a Labor Department anal cyst said.

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How Do You Spell "Wienerschnitzel"



Did you see this article in The Economist about the spelling controversy in Germany?

Hey, at least it looks like Germans still care about correct spelling, unlike kids in America! :D

yeah, it was this years summer topic in politics, you know, when there is vacation time, journaluists must make a topic really nobody cares big time about it. Every year the same.


Does anyone know Bata Ilic, a famous croatian folk singer from the 70s? His nickname: "The singing Chivapcici" :lol: :lol:

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Toilet creature shocks veteran plumber

By John Schneider at www.lsj.com

Published August 18, 2004



After 23 years as a plumber and pipe fitter for General Motors Corp., LuAnn Crim thought she had seen just about everything that could end up in a toilet.


Then came that recent Sunday morning and a brand-new discovery ...


Crim was in the bathroom at her home in Perrinton, north of St. Johns. She had just combed her hair, applied a dab of lipstick and was adding a little eye makeup, when the water in a nearby toilet sloshed.


"That shouldn't be happening," Crim said to herself.


As if in reply, the water sloshed again.


"I looked in there," Crim wrote, "just as a very wet, bedraggled, dark-colored ANIMAL swam up out of the toilet trap and scrambled to get out."


Just before she screamed, Crim thought: Sewer rat.


Only later did it occur to her that her house isn't connected to any sewer; it uses a septic system.


But at the moment when the toilet creature was struggling to join Crim in her bathroom she wasn't thinking clearly.


"I screamed again," she wrote. "And again."


A live one


Then Crim slammed the lid, sought out her husband and told him there was a live animal in their toilet.


Animal, yes; rat, no. Crim's husband took a quick look and determined it was a red squirrel. Red squirrels are smaller than gray squirrels. This one, Crim said, was about 8 inches long.


Employing a bucket, a butterfly net and a serving tray, the Crims extracted the squirrel and released it outdoors.


"He will probably be in squirrel therapy for a lonnnggg time," Crim wrote.


They were then left to deal with the question of how the squirrel got into their toilet in the first place.


The investigation quickly led to a 3-inch PVC vent pipe that went from the toilet's drain to the roof of the house.


It didn't have a cap on it.


It does now.



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Red-Squirrel..jpg

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . www.wildfox.dabsol.co.uk



Sounds like TwoScrews had a SIMPLY DREADFUL day on his GERBIL WHEEL.

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Conference Board Help Wanted Index


NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--The help-wanted advertising index fell one point in July from June, the Conference Board said Thursday.


The index was at 37 in July versus 38 the previous month and 38 in July 2003.


In a news release, the Conference Board said that in the last three months, help-wanted advertising declined in six of the nine U.S. regions.


"Overall economic momentum is no longer firing on all cylinders," said Conference Board Economist Ken Goldstein, "and hiring intentions this summer are suggestive that companies may not increase hiring until the economy regains more solid footing."


The Conference Board survey tracks help-wanted advertising volume in 51 major U.S. newspapers monthly. The volume of newspaper want-ads is one indication of demand for labor, although many employers also now advertise for help through on-line services.


-By Brian Blackstone, Dow Jones Newswires; 201-938-2137; [email protected]


(END) Dow Jones Newswires


August 26, 2004 10:00 ET (14:00 GMT)- - 10 00 AM EDT 08-26-04

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I don't understand all the frustration here with the market going up. As a long time subscriber to the Anals, Doc has clearly said for the last week or so that alot of the cycles were turning up, and that we would be going up.


Let the market tell you how to trade, not what you think the market should do.

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