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B4 the Bell. Turdsday Aug 19, 2004

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The main point is that you all are grasping at straws...


The primary cause of this mess we are in is the religious belief in the attachment of interest to the medium of exchange...

After reading many of your posts in the archives, I would slightly modify your statement:


The primary cause of the mess is that the curve of total debt normalized against the GDP still blows up.


Interest per se is not the problem, but rather that they charge more than is sustainable long-term. If the payment for money loans were calculated in a way so that debt growth was of the same order as GDP growth, there would be no problem.


Also, after reading your posts describing endgames including mass liquidations of people by the government, I have a question.


The GDP is pretty much the number of people times the people's ability to produce things that other people are willing to exchange for, regardless of how much money they do or don't have at the moment. The parasites at the top live not on the money, which is, as you point out worthless, but instead live off the work done by the people while chasing the money. So why will the parasites at the top of the pyramid want to destroy most of the people who provide all their goodies? Isn't that killling the goose that lays golden eggs. Why wouldn't they just try to reset the system to give people more money which they can then re-extract?


Actually, one way to look at war is that its a good way to erase debts. But you are predicting things far worse than even war.


The money is not important, it is just the carrot used to keep the donkey pulling the cart. if he gets it, just tie another one on the string and go.

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Oil conspiracy theorists need to get out more.

There's no need for a conspiracy theory, just the normal politics of science. Ask any research scientist at a university, the internal politics are brutal. Nerds can bite.


Here is another site for your collection.



Here is a link to a description of a primordial theory for the inclusion of hydrocarbons in the earths original composition. The nice thing about this theory is that it makes it easier to explain the earth's composition, since it puts it more in line with the astronomical theories used to explain the composition of all planets and other objects observed in the solar system.



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