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Miner's Lady (aka Daily Digger)

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I hate to say it but the action today says to me some kind of top isn't far away. If so, maybe the pullback will just be the kind of one designed to get the smart rich people looking smarter and richer. It would seem that nobody is trying to push the price down. Just waiting for it to rise to them.

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Was long NEM but am now flat. Really should have stayed with it. Can't say I had a good enough reason to close.


However, SMH was long, now flat, small loss. Was up nicely in that one then the SOB pulled all the way to 1 cent above my STOP and recovered. Didn't like the way it was flagging so closed. It then proceeded to go a little higher before falling through my stop then takes off like a rocket and is now once again pulling back. Tricky!


Been played with the OBV (On Balance Volume) with NEM. Very interesting and very encouraging if you are of the bullish persuasion. Doesn't tell me another pullback isn't coming just that it is likely that higher prices lie beyond.

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Tiger took the apple again. Needs to swallow his rather large ego and go back to his old swing coach Butch Harmon and get his shit together.

Yes. Isnt golf boring when Tiger doesnt win it all the time? It was much better when no one else had a chance. ;)

...sometimes it seems that way.... Although I'm sure TFH will not agree on this one.


Rally seems broad to me. Stockmarkets, commodity-and goldmarkets and the Dollar rally. :unsure:


DROOY and KRY are the big winners.


Later dudes.

I like it better now that he doesn't win all the time. don't want him to break Nicklaus' record. <_<

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I like it better now that he doesn't win all the time. don't want him to break Nicklaus' record. <_<

While its kindof ironic, I kindof DID like it when he always won.

Its like when the market is trending strongly....its a lot easier to understand the action. ;)

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Nice chart LAC.(Lucid and Confused) NXG is one of my larger holdings as well.


Thor, stays clear of the market today?


Nova is my first love, at least until the summer finishes...in fact, she is like a warm summer breeze....

NOVA! ? she be nothin but a HO i says! a freaken two-timin HO! she been my first love too but didn't know she be sleepin around, an on the moon of all places!


oh well, i still loves mah sweet lil tender darlin as i carresses her softly in a romantic moonlight wisperin sweet nothins into her big ears. . .


Welp goobers - done went an did it - broke mah promise to self not to "splurge in" but to "average in" - but after gittin up this moanin for the Ivanhoe Mines conference call - i just had to buy some mo gold stocks!!! i just couldn't resist DROOY at $1.85 so i confesses - that was me that done drove the price up - but i may shoot myself tomorrow moanin iffin gold poops out.


but good news was the strong close on the gold indexes - unlike the usual strength at the open and fade into the close. so atleast we have that goin for us since Friday!!!


welp goobers - i guess i can say i knew HUGO was gonna pop today and quite possibly i loaded up the Queen Mary at the bottom last week. Friedland confirmed my view posted over the weekend that China, Japan, and other large Asian consumers of copper would be chomping at the bit to take a stake in the development of this enormous mining region. On the call, Friedland said that although Ivanhoe has been in ongoing talks with as many as 16 major mining companies over the past year, that because of signed confidentiallity agreements it cannot disclose details until those agreements expire. But more importantly that Ivanhoe Mines is currently in "very well advanced discussions" with Chinese, Japanese, South Korean, etc "state-owned companies" including copper smelters and trading houses to participate in the funding for the $1 billion development of the Turquoise Hill (Oyu Tolgoi) project "the largest greenfields copper development in the world." :grin:



"Also scanning the news wires, looks like HUGO might have found a new partner - this probably gets mentioned on Monday's conference call."


"China's limited sources of ore prompted local producers to invest abroad to secure supplies. Jiangxi Copper, which relies on imported concentrate for 25 percent of its needs, said it is in talks with Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. to develop gold and copper deposits in Mongolia and Myanmar."





goober out B)

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