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All Aboard!

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All Aboard! (12/02/02)

For all the sound and fury, the Sphincters Index stands just a handful of points above where they were on November 4. Doc believes that the indicators, though early again, will turn out to be right again.


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I was there with both hands however, this still may drag on till mid January. :angry:


Will read Doc's anals now. Perhaps, he can show me the way.


currently i am 100% SHORT but, i still look for higher highs.

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After reading Doc's anals, i see the high side of the spx as a possibility.

Should we go there, i will go more thene 100% short. B)


Great work Doc.

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I think Mr Market is getting ready to drop a load.


My only question is whether it's a head fake with a scream upward to a lower high.


Someone mentioned in Gold forum about Gold trading sideways for a number of days and the possible implications for a big move coming.


And that Dec 8 date is fast approaching and also the end of Ramadan.


Too many things converging for it not to be a good trade.


But is it the start of a major move or a head fake BEFORE the major move ?


I vote for head fake. I say we go to 8000 and hold then rally to 8800 or so by the end of the month.


Also that the drop will be swift and the turnaround very fast. Can't let those bad news bears make any money ya know.


Then just when it looks like Da Bearz or once again made The Fools Mr Market takes the swan dive of all time.


But for long term put holders like my self it doesn't matter how many time they jump start this beast.


I'll still make money and will not be afraid.


A night time prayer for Da Bearz (should this be in the Theological forum ?):


(from Psalms:23:4)


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the bulls, I will fear no rallies: for my long term puts are with me; my anals and my stoolie board they comfort me.


Amen and good night Bears. B)

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just checking in on a ad, from taken. if you bears can't make any $$$ from a move to 8,000 dow, what is to become of us?


I'll make DOUBLE, what i payed. B)

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Dogboy-Good TO HAVE YOU BACK! Some months ago we had some fun-Dogboy and I -we opined that this would end in guys in $1,000 suits trading paper around a fire in an oil drum in a vacant lot with Kudlow playing an organ in the background while his monkey Creamer did backflips for nickels. I still think the percentages are with us! be careful out there GREG is right-the deceit and manipulation is incredible-the futures are over the moon at this point-this rally will fail BUT remember Livermore "Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent". Waiting is HARD-but those who wait WIN! Trade safe!

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These Distributiom pimps didn't get any of my positions. Moved in damn near a month ago during the election erection and it's gone essentially NOWHERE from there, at least in my positions. Nailed what I thought was a peak then and it basically still is now. No stops for me if I'm confident I'm in near a top,I won't let the distribution pimps stop me out resulting in Abby Justa Colon and her bastard cronies ending up with my shorts, PISS ON 'EM!!! The cycles are in my favor, finally!!!! I'm pretty sure I have just enough Time left as well. YEEEEHHHHAAAAWWWW!!! HEAD EM UP, MOVE EM OUT, OVER A CLIFF!!!


I am currently seriously considering a fresh cash injection for a serious post Intel Thursday climax of rampaging bulls, and distribution pimps selling them whatever they want as fast as possible to unload the shite they accumated back in October. Texas Instruments, AMD, and Thursday Intel could well be mother of all short entries once that final buying is frantically dispatched, RIPE FOR SLAUGHTER!!!! MO MONEY!!! OFF TO WORK!!!


A nice slide from now till Thursday would also possibly negate that potential last buying gasp, once again leaving the market NOWHERE for the last little while and crowding ever closer to the precipice of Bearphoria! :D

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