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The other story I heard about the Duke, later at his fatal sea-battle, was that in answer to the nervous inquiries and reports of his subordinates, he put a glass ( a telescope) up to his bad eye, the one covered by an eye patch and said, "Problems? I don't see any problems?"



Think that that story was about Horatio Nelson and the battle of Trafalgar.


Everyone was panicking about how quickly the enemy was coming,so he lifted his telescope to his blind(eyepatched) eye and said "I see no ships!"


After that, he beat the crap out of them.At least that's the way it is told in English history class at school!

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Flock of sheeples,perhaps I should spell it out for you.


The current administration was either directly involved,or,they let it happen.


That much,is quite clear.


They could stopped it,but they didn't.


I believe that is what is known as a really,really big no-no.


Now,they want you to vote them into power again.


That's all.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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