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Turdsday Special

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Every Religion has been hijacked/corrupted...


The Luciferians are at the top...

Good one Hyper ... but what about the Buddhists? Them too?

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Depends i believe leon uris who wrote exodus before haj is the best writer of our century. Risking docs wrath which I hope i am not the current PM of israel is a Thug no different from Saadam or a host of other tin pot dictators. His counterpart on the Palestinian side is another old creaking thug. Israeli sentiment is as split as the gulf between bush/kerry yet peace can only be achieved there and anywhere by those who believe it is possible. The problem is bush and Sharon do not nor will ever believe it is possible plus both hate the U.N. with an all consuming passion. ;)

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Doc, all I can say is WOW!


Anybody here that doesn't subscribe to the Anals is missing the very best.


Tonight's report was superb!

Succinct and very to the point!


Anybody that later claims they didn't see it coming is just one more jerk.


CapitalStool is the most incredible service I have ever encountered.


Thank you,


I second that.


If one just kept up with Capital Stool daily, they would do quite fine. Having all these great TA thinkers here just adds icing to the cake and puts things into a clear perspective.


My own opinion is that the Fed won't take more agressive action to add liquidity to the markets until a few days or so, and few hundred Dow points or so, have past since the last fed meeting.


Regarding precious metals stocks, I believe they will somehow be the first to recognize that the Fed's solution to inflation and declining liquidity is attempting to pump up the monetary base even more - and perhaps more direct moves by the administration to actually lower the value of the US$.


PS Many great discussions today gang. In regards to Najaf, Iraq, could it be some type of ploy to make GWB look good at the Republican Convention?

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This country needs a draft like there was no tommorow. And a fair one, so the senators' sons come home in the condition that the current GIs do. It is the only dose of reality that could cure us; I think that it will never happen.

Draft is EVIL. Compelling people, under threat of imprisonment, to kill others and possibly be killed, for a cause they do not necessarily support...


We need a volunatary military based on a free market system. You need more troops, then you offer more money until supply meets the demand. No one is compelled to do anything...

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Hiding Bear,


I would hope that the fighting in Iraq is not that politically motivated. It seems very risky if they even did think that way. I would have to think that any fighting has the chance to spill over into unknown terrritory and then there is the problem with pictures of dead and dying civilians caught in the crossfire.


It seems that by the text of the June Fed meeting that they were firmly in the mode of raising rates and the only argument was how strongly should they do that. The tone of the July announcement suggested that the Fed has strong convictions regarding their second increase and further increases down the road. I think they are going to do that and I think they are going to be a bit cautious on the pumping. My guess is that they will at least wait to see what the numbers look like tomorrow if they don't already know and see how the market reacts.


I'm going on a long weekend and it will suck to be away from the computer, market and news. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


God bless and best wishes....

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Best to clarify before I am skewered for my rant.


My laughter is not a celebration of our dead bretheren, by any measure, though it is an unavoidable consequence.  It is rather the laughter of exhausted irritation with watching someone fall into trap after trap after trap.  The dog keeps trying to bag the porcupine, and comes home whelping and confused, night after night. 


This is the story of us & Sadr.  We were going to get him, "dead or alive."  Then, we were going to launch an offensive, but then backed down.  This was in late spring.  Now, we're back to preparing to launch an offensive, and then stalling, and then watching the political consequences of this bewildering strategery and tactictings boomerang upon us.


Depends posted a picture of himself in Vietnam.  I am grateful he came back alive, and certainly mean no disrespect to those who serve... especially those with delghtful little charts.


It is a serious matter to send those who volunteer, and those who are conscripted, to war to die.  To do so casually or wrecklessly is of great dishonor--not by those who serve, but those who write the orders.


The only person in the administration who understands this is Colin Powell--sadly, about 24 months too late--which is why he has gone silent, and will not play a role at the Republican convention.


He has been party to great dishonor, and he knows it.

Let me attach my Aplogia vita sua


I was trained as a tail gunner during the Korean War but thank God the war ended just before we were to go overseas---I am, unlike Kerry, always honor bound, to mention this absence of combat experience in the same breath but


I remember the fear in my very being when at eighteen and a half i realized what a terrible thing i had volunteered for--


this is no joke-I mean the period we are going into--but I can honestly say that my fear of being cut in two by an enemy shell is outweighed by my fear off living in a world of sadistic false isalamists who have hijacked a religion and are embarking on a nihilistic voyage into world destruction--


forget about nukes --and prepare for the first outbreak in a village near you of smallpox--which sight can only be appreciated if examined in an advanced medical text


beardrech :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: remember Abe Lincoln supended the writ of Habeus corpus

beardrech - you are probably a drunk and fool !


However no disrespect..You are the nearest thing we have to an Oscar Wilde in Stoolville. - Not so much the man2man thing that would have got you sent to prison, but you have that dry and risque sense of humor.


You are veritable wit and a wise man. My hat is off to you and my glass tilted to you, sir. :wink2:


PS: I told them that you are picking up the tab. :grin:

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The weather has been so strange over the past few years. We had a high of 61 or 62 degrees in Chicago today...a record low and tonight be a record too. I was in Alaska last year and it was in the 80's. Buffet just said that he has been lucky that there has not been any major insurance claims...that might be about to change....

Freaky deaky. We will have a low of about the same amount today in Houston tonight : low 60's.


This is August,Houston, South Texas ! UFB.

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B4 - another great writer was the late John McDonald.


He wrote 'Condominium' while he was living right here in Clearwater Florida on his boat. He was against the building of what I call Condo Canyon out on the Sand Key Island. If you have never seen it it is immense. I rented a place there years ago at Marina Del Ray.


He and many others, including myself went to city meetings to object to the desecration of the key as it was a beautiful natural expansive key. The city refused to buy it for 3 million dollars. Now it is a condo canyon - and the price of four points in space is a quarter mil and up.


He predicted a hurricane catastrophe.

Well tomorrow we will find out if John was right.


Sand Key Condos.


This pic is of about half the key.



Some prices.


more pics more pics and still more

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voluntary military based on free market system = poor people with limited viable alternatives becoming career soldiers fighting and dying for the political whims of priveledged leaders who have never served. I submit to you that this is precisely what is happening now.


were they to spread the "duty" around evenly, the country would quickly loose it's bloodlust, maybe even for the "free" market.

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Nikkei down 243. Futures sinking toward fair value.


And this board is loading VERY slowly tonight.


What does that tell us about tomorrow?






(Answer: nothing, if we're not conspiracy theorists ! No offense intended, friends ! )

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This little chart simply stays on the sell side. Tisk tisk.


If it weren't for the ugly little man in them I would be looking forward to the coffee table edition of Grots work.


Whoa - 3am jam job - looks like someones serious!


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