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B4 the Bell, Toozleday Aug 10, 2004

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For Sale- Lakefront pool home in Palm Beach County, FL. 3/2, 2 car garage, open floor plan great room concept, vaulted ceilings, ceramic tile floors. Open community with heated pool, tennis, kids rec areas. 10 public golf courses within 10 minutes, including 4 within 5 minutes, 2 in walking distance in case the car breaks down. Also a half dozen private membership clubs nearby. Great shopping, great dining. 15 minutes to downtown West Palm, 25 minutes to Boca, 15 minutes to Wellington, nice suburban area. $275K Showings begin after Labor Day.


Contact [email protected]

Damn Doc...how much was that new server?

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How long are Americans going to be in Iraq- well Canada just signed on for another 5 year tour of duty in Afghan-land. We handed off Command of the 6,600 man NATO force most of which are Canadian to the Euro Corp Commanded by the French. After a 3 month Troop rotation we will be joining the U.S. Troops in the outback looking for Bin Boy and the Taliban. Unless Europe coughs up more Troops Kabul will be seriously undermanned-solve one problem and face another-Huh! ;)

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U.S. tanks are firing into the cemetary...that ought to go over well.

Imagine foreign occupiers lobbing mortars into Arlington National Cemetery.


'Merkins would go berserko ...

Just shows how most Americans are just too busy to be bothered with any of it.


History, who needs it.......


Shiites from all over the world, not only Iraqis or Iranians, but Shiites from Pakistan, India, Bahrain, all over the world go to Najaf and they ask to be buried in Najaf close to that mosque. And historically and religiously it's a very important city and mosque for Shiite Muslims. Shiites aspire to bury their dead in its cemetery, which stretches for miles. To the north and east of the town there are acres of graves and myriads of domes of various colors and at various stages of disrepair. The cemetery of Al-Najaf is one of the largest cemeteries in the world. Perhaps the most extraordinary thing in Najaf is the graveyard. Millions of Muslims over the centuries have been brought here for burial from all parts of the world of Islam. So Najaf is embraced by a vast semi-circle of graves- by an immense City of the Dead.
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maybe it's al's good luck charm.


or everyone one the board is hypnotized by it. :P


jimi, anyone take you up on your wager? vinnie yobobarino doesn't think al will raise. hit him up for $50.

No one did...




4 minutes remain on offer.

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