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Hiding Bear

B4 The Bell Tuezelday August 3

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Oh My!- Guess who opens the show tomorrow-huh-Huh- why the Chairthrower of course-sleep with your Helmets on and buckle up! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Guest Icky Twerp
Every friggin mania in history has bottomed BELOW where the mania began. The dow will go below 4,000 (based on it begining in 1995). Unless what we had was NOT a mania. Any stoolie believe that?

I believe, TE!

I believe TE!


I believe in the Crash. . .

I have believed in the Crash since I read "Irrational Exuberance".


Is it now?

Is it soon?

Is it inevitable?


Is 6000 the bottom? Already been there after 9/11.

Is 4000 the bottom? That's where this latest chapter started.

Is 2000 the bottom? Can it overshoot that far?


The stocks is no good.

The bonds is no good.

The money is no good.

"Full Faith & Credit" is no good.


Is 1000 the bottom?

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frankly anything below 1103 tomorrow, and 1086 is a done deal. So whether it's 1093 or 1089, doesn't matter.


See you in the AM!

Tanks Doc. :)

Tanks ;) , I didn't realize the situation was that dire yet.


The Boston Fed says the Fed does not target stocks (I'm only the messenger here gang!), but only their effects on the economy. (So they do target stocks? :blink: )


The Federal Reserve doesn't target stock market prices directly when it sets monetary policy, according to a Fed study due out this week that weighs in on a topic of long-standing concern among anal cysts.


The paper doesn't address directly whether it would be appropriate for the Fed to respond to asset prices. Greenspan often argued after the stockmarket bust that the central bank could not have acted to prevent the bubble in the making, but only to mitigate its after-effects, though some economists disagree with that approach.


By going back through the economic forecasts the Fed used in making its regular policy decisions, Fuhrer concluded that the Fed staff's forecasts did take into account the effect of the falling stock market on the economy.



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Prechter sees sub 1000 becuase he thinks the mania started in 1982. I think he thinks sub 1974 levels but, at that point it won't matter. We will be doing each others laundry for a living.

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Alan Greenspan's Bedtime Stories: Humpty Dumpty


Humpy Dumpty, cognizant of the sporadicalness of current market conditions, opted to hedge atop an architectural partition.


Humpty Dumpty experienced an acute, expeditious and deleterious plunge.


Neither the comprehensive aggregation of the solid-hoofed herbivorous quadrupeds


Nor the entire workforce at the disposal of the ruler of the kingdom


Could reassemble the myriad of separate parts that had formerly comprised Humpty Dumpty.


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Asia in Crash Mode.


Let's see what Al Leeson has for 3:00am.


He'd better bring out some heavy duty paddles............


Looks like a big gap down in the am, another leg to the downside.


No way the May lows will hold..............


Watch the retailers like HD, LOW, BBY...........They have just started to break off and have a long way to go...................

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What bearman is trying to say is that- Bob Froolich with the Beagle Ears is the guest in the morning on Schlock Box- name any disaster since 87 and old Bob the hoo-Doo has been the guest- i luv the karma-Piggy dies at dawn! ;)

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What ever became of the Gold ETF?

It has been rounded up and sent to Gitmo as an "unlawful combatant".

I've mentioned this before - but US tax laws concerning possession of gold held overseas (this does not include CEF or any other regulated investment company) and grantor trusts make launching this fund on the organizers terms problematic.


I suggest they go back to square one and launch a simple partnership fund for US investors with gold held in the US.

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