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Hiding Bear

B4 The Bell Tuezelday July 20

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I'm down to one computer so I have a hard time keeping up...Next month I'll be back up to two...


The Absolute capitalist system is totally incompatable with all religious/political philosophies and all economic theories...


Very few people comprehend this...maybe I'm the only one...


The fractional reserve banking system, which is a product of absolute self indulgent reasoning, functions by perpetuating lies...replacing old self destructing lies with new lies...


Truth destroys the system...


Due to the construction of the Universe lies are a fragile and finite component...Truth is the indestructible and infinite component...


All current religious political and economic dogma is corrupted by absolute self indulgent reasoning. some more, some less, and some absolutely...


All are doomed to self destruction given enough time...


There is the left the center and the right...


The left or the gradual absolutes the responsible and the violent absolutes...


The Communists, Socialists, and the Fascists...


The Founding fathers of the US were mostly Socialists...


Both the left and the right employ Absolute self indulgent reasoning to solve problems...the center employs Responsible Altruistic Logic...


The Left and the Right subvert the center then both try to annihilate each other to gain the ultimate goal of the Absolutes which is absolute power...


The Violent believe in might is right which is why the Gradual eventually must come to grips with the reality of their delusion...The Gradual must join the Violent or be destroyed...You either turn violent or die...you are with us or against us...


Currently in the US there is no effective center left...Absolute corruption or polarization has happened...


Both parties are controlled by the Absolutes...Kerry represents the Gradual faction and Bush represents the Violent...


Both are delusional...Both are doomed to self destruction.


Your choices are two wrong paths since you are oblivious to the existance of the right path...


There is no right path...the right path was left behind many decades ago...


We are already past the point of no easy return...To get back will take monumental effort and sacrifice...


The effort and sacrifice which the left and right have in store for you will be a complete waste and accomplish zero except self destruction.


No return to reality will happen until you all become exausted trying to maintain the delusion...the self delusion of all the individuals that combine to form the general mass delusion...

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Here's my Dollar count.


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Aborted head & shoulders?


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I have been telling all and sundry that my business just died in the arse from March onwards and now we have "official" statistics from the govt to confirm it (so it must be true..lol),my phones just stopped ringing.


The forecasters are saying that March will be the low point in the cycle,well I wouldnt be too sure about that,we are still really quiet,not as quiet ,but really lousy trading conditions by standards.


anywhere here is a snippet and link...


"It also indicates that the sharp slowdown in the economy in the March quarter will prove to be the low point in the cycle."




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Ike Iossif agrees. His Ratio Analysis from earlier today is calling for bottom in the dollar and a top in gold, banking, oil sector, spx and nasty.



Lots of sell signals on the XAU.


I posted a HUI chart earlier this evening at Stool's Gold. Sorry I didn't save it. It shows the break of the upward trendline from May 10th.


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What would be of concern to most newer business people is the fact that many have never lived thru tough times (I have once and was lucky to survive).


I have been preparing myself for 3 years now,as I have stated before I used to run 12 trucks,2 depots and about 20 staff.

I can only imagine how bad things would be if I still had that level of overhead for the past 5 months,I would have just about gone bust,infact I am sure of it.


This will be a totally foreign environment for many people,I suspect that alot of small to medium sized businesses would really be feeling the pinch,if they are, it will be noticeable right here,right now..the coming weeks and months should start to see myriad small to medium size businesses going broke...most are carrying incredible overheads,they just couldnt possibly carry the burden,some of the things I am seeing are just incredible.

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Where have you been?


Missed ya.

Hey TE,


Around, though not posting much (and reading too slowly to reply in a polite timeframe :D ).


Hope all is well, looks like tomorrow is going to be a toe curling day for this 'lil sexpot.



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Hunter has put a new tag line on his avatar courtesy of FDR- truer words were never spoken-pls read it! ;)

The devious Frank Roosevelt expressed it exactly backwards, whereas his fellow socialist Benito Mussolini was more forthcoming:


All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.


Fascism allows nominal private ownership, but with comprehensive state control via planning and regulation.


Roosevelt's National Recovery Administration -- shot down on constitutional grounds -- was a perfect example of Mussolini-style syndicalism, with state-sponsored industrial cartels empowered to fix prices, regulate production, and suppress competition.


"The socialists ask what is our program? Our program is to smash the skulls of the socialists."? :lol:

What fuggin' difference does it make whether it comes in from the front or "backwards" from the rear, or comes in sideways and inside-out for that matter? When any society celebrates, or even allows for, the concentration of power in any small group, be it "private" or the state itself, something that fits the label "fascist" is the inevitable result, with absolute certainty.


Think about it. When the rules of private ownership (property law, legalized usury, etc.) is such that a few individuals amass great wealth, in gross proportional excess to their proportion of the population -- and then the rest of society tolerates this situation -- it is only inevitable this small group will simply take control of the state. Why? Because they can more completely cement their relatively advantageous station in society, and also, simply because they can.


Yes, the converse is equally true. When the state amasses concentrated power, from there it inevitably takes control of economic production, and the organization(s) thereof (of whatever form they take). Why? Because the individuals holding power in the state can enrich themselves, and also, simply because they can.


The result is the same either way; a small group of individuals with near total ownership and power, over everything. Fascism.


Myself, I don't care about the route taken when the destination completely stinks.

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Here's the HUI...



I always look for your posts. They're always thoughtful and well reasoned.


Here's my chart on HUI. Admittedly, I may be a tad anticipatory but that dollar chart and all the sell signals (such as RSI falling below 50 on the chart you posted),

lead me to believe that the miners are toast.


In the frame below, I'll post my chart for NEM. The lead dog is, I believe headed for 32.00


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