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B4 the Bell Turdsday July 8, 2004

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Flat-top coming on at 11AM to discuss protecting the homeland during the election period

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UI Weekly Claims

In the week ending July 3, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 310,000, a decrease of 39,000 from the previous week's revised figure of 349,000. The 4-week moving average was 336,000, a decrease of 10,250 from the previous week's revised average of 346,250.

This is prime vacation season. The newly unemployed can't be bothered with filing right now. They are far more concerned with their Disney World reservations.

I was actually wondering if the weather could be blamed for poor retail numbers, why should the same reasoning not be used for claims? ;)

Retail sales were actually helped by the Jul4 th weekend (store closings) being excluded from june sales this year but included in 06/03 results making the yoy comparisons worse than reported.

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DJ NYSE Seat Sold For $1.4M, Down From $1.45M June 25


By Gaston F. Ceron




NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--A New York Stock Exchange membership "seat" was sold for $1.4 million, down 3.4% from the previous sale.


Before Thursday, the last NYSE seat sale took place on June 25 for $1.45 million. Thursday's sale continues a recent decline for NYSE seat prices, which stood at $1,515,000 in early June but have since fallen.

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Temporary Open Market Operations for July 08, 2004


Total Money Value of Operation (in $bil.) 9.000 overnight repo

Total Money Value of Operation (in $bil.) 3.500 8 day repo

Total Money Value of Operation (in $bil.) 11.000 14 day repo



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Sinclair with some sobering thoughts..,,


"Jim Sinclair?s Commentary:


This is the first time that we have heard that the rendezvous point for this naval taskforce will be within "striking" distance of major centres in China.




Have you ever heard the phrase "gunboat diplomacy?" This is just that but in spades as these warships carry an entire array of nuclear muscle.


I cannot overstate the inherent danger of putting so much firepower within striking distance of another major power. How would the US react to a rendezvous of a major Russian attack force off the coast of Long Island within striking distance of New York and Washington DC? How did the US feel about Russian missiles in Cuba which is much the same as having a US mobile attack force within strike range of major Chinese targets?...more



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Look at them go with heightened terror on the way.

The market LOVES terror


Would someone please kick some sense into the bully?

As terror concerns rise, fear plunges, in the brave new world of the only market that counts, the Dow

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Terror alert :shocked is when the taxpayer gets the bill for all this :shocked


The cost of the goverment protecting its politicians is obscene :angry:

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