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sleddog, your post re: Teresa Heinz Kerry prompted me to do some research.


Here is a statement from the Heinz Family Philanthopies, starting with the

history and founding of the Corporation and down to the present day.

I was quite impressed by the many generations of this family that have

pursued what one might call liberal notions. Their generous donations have

been there since the founder's days.



Another story on some websites alleges that Teresa owns Heinz Corp.

Not true. An Urban Legend.

All of the Heinz Foundations shed their company stock in 1995.

All of the family and foundation stock held today is about 4%,

certainly not enuf to "control" a company.

Heinz is a multi-national company that PRODUCES goods in many countries

using resources there to meet the needs of customers with different

languages and taste preferences than we have here in U.S.

So the claim about them "outsourcing" isn't valid. Workers in the U.S. can't

pick the crops, for example, for a Heinz plant in some other country.

Outsourcing of service jobs that can/were done by workers here, such as

in call centers, is a different subject.




Each of us reads an article from our own perspectives. When I read of

the widows of the "martyrs" and their children being cared for, I thought

that was a good thing. In that part of the world, a woman without a man is

in really dire straights. The original article, BTW, was written by a woman

journalist from Australia.


Victims of wars are a tragedy that we don't want to look at... unless it

happens to be one of our own. Why do we never hear of the people from

other countries that died in 911 and what happened to their families?

Same for the people in Iraq that are getting killed because they live there.

Getting the whole picture and trying to sort out the fact from the fiction isn't

easy, but we must at least try.



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You forgot the finish,



And they all stink.




Best Day



Best Trading




patriot (A Boston boy who states when Presisent Kennedy died so

didn't Ma and Dad's Democratic Party)



you want to see this country skewed to chaos vote for a boston (socialist leaning)


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Talking of politics,I dont know if many are aware,but Australia has stood shoulder to shoulder with the US through every war for the last 85 years or so...we continue to be one of the most loyal supporters of this current mess in Iraq.

England also has a long history of standing with the US and also are one of the strongest supporters in the current coalition.


What is interesting is that in Australia we have a very conservative govt and in England they have a Socialist govt,and yet they both support Bushs war.

Like him or not, GWB was able to convince most of the world at the least not to interfere with his empire building plans. Even more amazing is that our potential enemy, the Chinese, have been big buyers of US bonds. Someone has to be on the other side of the $600 billion current account deficit and so far there has always been a country or two that picks up the tab.


The transfer of the world savings to the US has been tremendously supportive of the economy and indirectly even military adventures. Effectively we in the US get the goods and the rest of the world gets fiat paper in return. If something from the US using that paper money is not demanded in return from foreigners, the US gets to maintain a standard of living higher than can produce on its own.


Which leads back to the housing boom. If low interest rates can be held down by continued foriegn investment, the housing boom can be maintained until the last marginal person able to do so buys a home. There aren't many left in that margin now.


The person who is President when either the housing or dollar bubble bursts will have much to deal with. Its likely that whoever that is will be blamed for economic problems - unless they were clearly developing before he took office. Perhaps like SEH says, troubled times will give rise to new blood that will help the country in our future.

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You're all a bunch of assholes.




But seriously- was watching the tube and on the local news a family had lost everything in a fire that destroyed the house they were renting. They're currently living in a hotel room paid for by Red Cross, not a cent to their names, family of 6 or 7. The news channel invited concerned citizens to send a donation.


The photo of the house showed a phat satellite dish. I was watching the news in the first place because I only get 6 channels with my rabbit ears. I have insurance, several hunny a year, so that if my shit burns flat, I don't have to beg for charity. Meanwhile, these poor putzes were spending for pay tv instead of insuring their belongings, and now they need to be bailed out.


I'm not uncharitable, but what do we do with this?

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Twig - just watched primary colors, the movie. Kerry grew up in American politics and American politics is a dirty game.


Brisbane - it is no coincidence that Australia and UK are on board for US wars. what bank was that again?

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From the Edmonton Sun:


OTTAWA -- Canadians remain hopelessly deadlocked with just two days to go before they vote in Monday's general election, a Sun Media poll conducted by Leger Marketing suggests. The survey of 3,101 Canadians conducted between June 21 and 24 shows the Liberals at 33% of national support followed by the Conservatives at 32% and the NDP trailing far back with 17%.



They predict the Bloc Quebecois will win at least 43 seats in Quebec!


Wow, what a mess. But at least they won't be able to pass any new freedom infringing legislation :)

Just means that bureaucrats will run slightly more amuck.

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Check out this CECO post over on Yahoo



Hee hee. I totally agree with the poster.


Attention Hunter65.

I stumbled on another POS that has a big shareholders' suit going -- LQMTE -- Liquidmetal. They own the royalties on a proprietary technology that makes a super-strong, non-magnetic (!) steel -- their trading range yesterday was something like 1.25-3.75, ending up back at the bottom. They got some good publicity about the technology in an article. Only problem is, it's not financially feasible to make the stuff, and it's extremely brittle -- not what you want in the steel you're using for your submarines (which is one of the uses they're claiming). Another one I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. Kind of entertaining to read about though.

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On the subject of health care


Ethel is a bit of a demon in her wheelchair and loves to charge around the nursing home, taking corners on one wheel and getting up to maximum speed on the long corridors. Because the poor dear is several sandwiches short of a picnic, the other residents tolerate her eccentric behavior, and some of them even join in the fun.


One day Ethel is speeding along one of the corridors when a man steps out of one of the doorways with his arm outstretched: "Stop!" he says firmly, "Have you got a license for that thing?"


Ethel fishes around in her handbag and pulls out a Kit-Kat wrapper, which she hands to him with a big smile.


"OK," he says, and off she goes again.


Taking the corner by the TV lounge on one wheel as usual, she finds another man standing in the corridor in front of her. "Stop! Do you have insurance identification for that vehicle, madam?" Ethel digs into her handbag again and comes up with a well-used napkin, which she presents for inspection, whereupon she is sent on her way once more.


Heading down the last corridor before the front door, a third man steps out in front of her. He is stark naked, and holding a sizable erection in one hand.


"Oh no," cries Ethel, "Not the breathalyzer again!"


Nite all :)

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sleddog, that was funny!


I like your sense of humor better than your politics!!


heheheh :rolleyes:




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Ralph Nader's okay. The New Democrats he's promoting are not advocating deficit spending near as much as the so called "conservatives". Yes, they are our very own goofball necons, linked to fundamentalists in the States and ready and willing to do WHATEVER Bushco tells them to do. They wanted to go into Iraq, for God's sakes.


Nader a pinko, hypocrite, huh? Is it against the law to start a third party,( make that a second party) in the U.S.? And that goes double for Canada. Our liberals are becoming like the conservatives used to be and the conservatives want to take us back to Edwardian times with Jesus in the sidecar.


I've had dealings with leftists in Canada and some of them are truly thick, when it comes to money, but you know, they can't beat the sheer idiocy coming out of the far right these days. After spending over a decade trying to undo the damage of deficits and debt wracked up by Trudeau and Mulroney, the conservatives want to come in, a la Bush and do it all over again.


Unfortunately, the liberal party seems to be the only alternative. Some NDP governments have been okay, but they can be blinded by their ideology which limits them.


Besides Harper has those eyes, those eyes. OOOOOh scary. Glacial blue, signature sociopath.

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Heh heh, the political debate is heating up on the board I see? :)?? Good.? A little honest exchange of views is what this country needs.?


Secret societies?? If the purpose is to do good, then why the secrecy??


Expose all the views, ideas, and agendas to the light of day I say - the good will thrive and the evil will shrivel.? That is why evil clings to the dark places and hides in unseen corners.


Bush is an evil idiot on a mission.? That's a bad combination.


As far as Kerry goes, he strikes me as a man who started off in the 70's as an idealist with the best of intentions.? Somewhere along the way though, he has become an opportunist.? A strategist.? Out of necessity I suspect, or he would not be in the position he is in - with a chance to be president (a systemic issue).? He will blow whichever way political opportunity and prudence dictates, just like all the rest of them.?


The positive I see is that the tide of opinion in America is changing.? War is no longer popular, therefore Kerry will attempt to find a way for America to "gracefully" exit Iraq.? More importantly, he will avoid a conflict elsewhere like the plague.? This is the only hope I have for Kerry.


All the other stuff - the political and corporate corruption - will continue without so much as a blink.

I think the main point for me is real close to home. My son turns 18 next week. Do you think I want him fighting some bullshit war over effen oil? Find something else to use for C sakes. We've been running out of oild for 50 years. Now we realize it? Vote this sick ba$tard out before he has all our kids getting shot up for Cheney's freaking oil options. Enough of this sick stupidsilver spoon ba$tard already. Maybe Kerry won't get my flesh and blood shot up or beheaded. That's my bottom line. If it saves lives I'll drive around at 40mph in an electric car. Screw it.

Like you, I have young children who will be forced to fight for Dick's oil. A 23, 15, and 12 .. I'll be damned before I'd sacrifice any one my children to those evil corrupted Assholes. I'm not crazy about Kerry, but I want Bush out more than anything else. In just 3yrs +, Bush has wiped out the world's 50 years of peace treaties, erode Our Constitution, and probabaly just started WWIII.


One additional note. If I were the UN, I'd say yes to Kerry over Arrogant Cowboy Wanna be Dictator George any day.. Which means we'd more likely to get international supports to help bring this huge mess under control ...before the nukes explodes.



Get the idiot out .... any vote NOT for Kerry is a vote for Bush..

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Why are yo so certain that the fall of debt backed fractional banking will be blindingly self-evident, even to someone with Down Syndrome??


It seems to me that most people, myself included sometimes, don't even realize that they're alive...

The factions begin splintering when it also becomes blindingly self evdient even to downs syndrome sufferers that the sales pitch is the biggest delusion of them all...


I'm talking about the devoted followers of the take over the world scheme...


All the ruins on the face of the Earth are the product of this scheme which is not new...It has had many names in many different languages of which some are not even spoken or written any more...


The last to realize they are doomed are those at the top...


When you find yourself running from the flaming wreckage of the civilization you once controled then that is failure...


Once the sales pitch is revealed to be a delusion then the top will shit the bed...play time over...


Do criminals in prison think they are there because they are bad/Evil or do they think they are in a cage because they made a mistake?


The "primary" mistake was made 100's of years ago and has been compounding ever since...


The basic mechanics of the system have basicly not changed...ever...


That is the primary mistake...


Trying to prevent the secondary mistakes (Corruption) from manifesting is ultimately futile.


The system tries to turn a lie into truth...which due to the construction of the Universe is impossible...


Any Victory of lies over truth is just an illusion of time...A lie can be perpetuated for 100's and even 1000's of years...A human being only lives around 80...


The systemic hyperdeflationary implosion of the Global centralized fractional reserve banking branch network that has been constructed over the past 311 years is just a manifestation of the process where a lie reaches it's maximum potential to be perpetuated and self destructs...


Unfortunately due to the construction of the Universe truth is infinite and indestructible and lies are finite and fragile...


Lies depend on truth for their existance Truth does not depend on lies for it's existance...


Truth has no lifespan...It always exists reguardless if you are aware of it's existance or not or think so or not or care or not...If you exist or not...

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I'm with ya. I'm also a card carrying liberal democrat and proud of it.


My kids are 24 and 12 . And they will not be killing Muslims for Haliburtan.

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