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US Senator Ted Kennedy slams Bush on non-proliferation and endorses Kerry on nuclear containment


WASHINGTON?US President George Bush has turned back the clock by a matter of years the US efforts to stem the spread of nuclear weapons and has contributed through his polices toward making the world a more dangerous place, said Massachussetts Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy in an interview at a non proliferation conference in the US capitol.


America?s new nuclear race


Kennedy also vowed to continue his fight against the Bush administration's proposals for a new generation of tactical nuclear weapons, so-called bunker busters. He called the administration's plans an impediment to persuading smaller nations to give up their nuclear ambitions, quoting Mohammed ElBaradei, the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, as saying, "there are some who have continued to dangle a cigarette from their mouth and tell everybody else not to smoke."


?A mini-nuke is still a nuke. The use of a low yield weapon could still cause a humanitarian, diplomatic, economic and environmental calamity,? said Kennedy.


?Our military has no need of these weapons?they?re being developed exclusively for the hawks in the White House and the Pentagon who insist we need nuclear weapons that are more usable. What world are they living in? How can any sane person today possibly want nuclear weapons that are more usable??



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Guest yobob1
You are not covered for cosmetic surgery nor should you be. Most Canadians also have coverage for drugs in whole or in part depending on where they live. Universal Health care to us is a basic human right and is supported by all Parties.

Cosmetic surgery not covered? Have you taken a close look at my Avatar? And that's a good picture taken when I was much younger. How can you deny my right to be one of the beautiful people? :lol:


To Doc and all of the other like minded individuals who believe that taxes should be raised to pay for endless generations of welfare babies, free housing for some, grocery carts full of Twinkies and Coke, etc. There's good news, you don't have to wait! Yes it's true the US government will accept all donations of any amount you wish to send in. So please, when it comes time to pay your taxes next year, feel free to send in all of the extra money you like. I for one say let's all put our money where our mouth is.


The simple fact is that our federal government is dysfunctional. Very few dollars actually hit the intended target, most is wasted within the bureacracy. That's the problem. There is now way under our current system to pare back anything or improve the efficiency of the distribution.


As to someones comments about someones comments about me not wanting roads, water sytesm, police, etc., please show me the lines in the Consitution that addresses those issues. They aren't there because those arenas were left to the individual states and local governments as they should be. My comments are meant to address only the federal government. Local and state governments in general are not as wasteful (not to say they aren't full of crap a lot of the time) because the taxing and spending happen where the locals can exert much more influence.


We're all arguing about how to split up the pie when in reality the pie is simply to big to begin with. IMO the federal budget should not exceed 10% of the true GDP. My definition of the true GDP is the output of the nation in goods and services excluding government spending. Flat tax all imports, including oil and things such as outsourcing payments, 10% - a simple tarrif. Secondarily a flat federal tax on all transactions. Probably around 5%. That includes everything; from a 10 billion dollar development project to the lawyers multi-billion dollar judgements, to a bottle of milk, a gallon of gas, etc. Of course the IRS would cease to exist as would withholdings, estimated tax payments and all of the cost associated with dealing with the IRS. An across the board tarrif on imports would give local producers a slight edge and would encourage investment within the US. By being across the board, no country could individually call foul. Wouldm't our exports be like taxed? You bet, and rightfully so. Trade used to be about one country supplying something unique to the world, something desireable to the rest of the planet. No more. We now all try to produce the same things at the lowest cost. In this scenario eventually everyone loses.


Gun control: Know what you are shooting at. Aim carefully. Squeeze the trigger. Gun control laws do nothing but take away that right from lawful citizens. They do nothing to remove those guns from the criminals who already operate outside the law. Our founding fathers put that little tidbit in there because they knew that an unarmed populace was a heartbeat away from tyranny.

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