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Guest yobob1

B4 the Bell Mooday June 21, 2004

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You don't build witches hats fighting debt inflation...You build them fighting debt deflation...


unfortunately the fight against debt deflation is impossible to win since the only way to fight it is by engineering the conditions where a great enough force of debt inflation is created to overpower the underlying debt deflationary potential...


Eventually you need infinite debt inflation to overpower infinite debt deflationary potential...soon after the system destablizes and implodes rapidly...like the Great fvcking depression...duh.


Now I don't really want this to happen but it is inevitable and once this whole depraved mess worshiped by legions of retards implodes I will have a laugh.

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Someone's alarm clock must have gone off early. It's started earlier than usual tonight.

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Guest yobob1
Purdy-China has always been the number one threat, and when they want Taiwan they will take it, there is no way Taiwan could or in fact should be defended. The World agreed many years ago that there is only one China. The irony is we are making our number one enemy rich by allowing them to make and manufacture everything we consume. They use that money to expand their forces and of course will one day use it against us-in my opinion. Taiwan had a good run under the "pretend its not there doctrine." It's only since Shrub has gotten bellicose about defending it and arming it-that tensions have ratcheted up. On another note reuters and Yahoo are running a story about how Israeli Commandoes are training the Kurdish Forces in iraq and crossing into Iran and planting sensors etc. Turkey of course has blown a fuse and the iraqui puppets are also not impressed. That 10 by 10 Cabin of Drano's is lookin real good.

I'm certainly no expert on the internal affairs of Taiwan, but if there was a case for aiding a country against a superior force, perhaps this is it. IMO it would certainly be a lot more legitimate than invading Iraq. Conversely I wouldn't have been shocked if under slightly different circumstances China or Russia had come to the aid of Saddam, not saying it would have been right or proper, just wouldn't have shocked me.


IMO if a legitimate freedom minded country/government is struggling to be free from oppressive forces and asks for our aid, hasn't it previously been our "doctrine" to attempt to do so?


If China decided they wanted to acquire Canada and Canada asked for our aid in it's defense, how would you feel if the US said, sorry but it's far more important that we maintain good ties with China so Wal-Mart can have stuff on it's shelves?


As to the 10 X 10 cabins in Montana. Sorry they no longer exist. Due to the real estate boom and specualtion all available land now has 4000 square foot McCabins available for only $750,000. More if you want a view other than the open pit mines. :lol:

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