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B4 the Bell Weakend Thread

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Still holding 2 July CECO puts tightly. Up 400% and have loose stops as of the violatility. Starting to look at some puts furthure out though. But they ain't cheap which is telling me lots of more downside is expected.


One thing for sure CECO is going to have a very interesting week.

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Rockledge -


Where were those pictures taken? The varnish reminds me a bit of Zion.

Lake Powell, way up on the Escalante River.


Zion's has the same stuff. ;)

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rockledge, i know that hite marina spot pretty well, camped on the overlook once and spent half the day admiring the lake below. wow.



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Whoa Ano- Are the Muslims the problem or is Shrub the problem??? ...No question Osama and the Taliban should be hunted down and extinguished..on that the world agrees.? As to the rest... Iraq..one would have to say Bushie fomented that by going in on what has now been proved were false assumptions...and he is reaping the whirlwind..that Wingnut Bin Laden could not have wished for more...willing recruits against what is viewed as an assault on the muslim world and its values-which differ from ours... most Muslims want to work, get ahead and raise their kids as we want too..they didn't invade us we invaded them the average Muslim has as much to do with bin laden as Big Swinging Dick does with the truth!

Muslims appear to be agressors throughout the middle ages. The koran (I've read it cover to cover) tells the reader to use disinformation (lying), blackmail, stealing of papers (passports), and conversion to muslim or death. (one exception: in a muslim ruled nation, others allowed as long as they can pay a huge 'tax'. If tax is unpaid, it is convert or perish.


If al Quacka had a nuke, do you think they would 'threaten' to use it? or would NYC already be a cinder?


No peace is possible, to surrender is to die, to not prepare is to die, it is fight or be conquered.


The US/world kicked SadMan out of of Kuwait, he licked his wounds, bribed russia, france, and germany in the food for peace program, and probably participated in the funding of the 911 event.


There is no solution, only the coping with the problem. Even Kerry said recently that Al Quacker had to be defeated.


I personally disagreed with the bribing of the army leaders, because it would have been better to defeat the army members than to have them disband with all the ammunition stores intact.

Ano, this is just over the top naziism straight up. Just replace 'muslim' with 'jew' and you'll get the picture.

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