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Message From The Night Visitor

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No porn or extreme obscenity, please!


This is getting out of control. I am spending entirely too much time deleting avatars and posts. ?If it is not suitable for reading by your 11 year old child or grandchild, please do not post it. ?


Repeat offenders will have their posting priveleges suspended.

Good morning, everyone, from the Night Visitor (hopefully only through tomorrow). What I just quoted is so important that it not only deserves to be repeated from Friday but done so on the front page of the opening commentary for the week.


I have commented a number of times prior that what we all have here is something quite unique and special not only in terms of the technical information available but also the emotional support it provides in an environment that continues to be difficult for almost everyone.


We must not take what we have here for granted or else we might eventually find ourselves without it. There are certain pitfalls and dangers inherent in a community of our nature. One of them, which I've spoken about before, is the business of letting our personal egos get out of hand to the point where other members are offended and upset.


Another one is that which Doc spoke about last Friday afternoon. He shouldn't have to be spending his time deleting posts and avatars; he has more than enough things to do in terms of running this place as well as doing his technical work to keep him occupied without having to be concerned about this as well. Which leaves it up to all of us to conduct ourselves at all times in ways appropriate to this message board.


Because, if we don't, and things get out of hand to the point where enough people get upset and decide to leave, that could very well be the beginning of the end of our community. Trust me on this. What we have is precious but what we have is also fragile. To repeat what I just said, please do not take all of this for granted. It has taken almost two years under Doc's leadership to evolve and grow to this point, but would take a lot less time to self-destruct or at least be seriously damaged if we do the wrong things here.


So please follow his rules regarding this subject and if you have any doubts about the propriety of something you're about to post it would probably be better not to post it.


And Doc, I'd like to suggest that you take the Bad Behavior notice you had posted in the previous message board and update and repost it here at the head of the main menu, perhaps with a title along the lines of Appropriate Message Board Behavior or Posting Rules And Guidelines.


With that said, please continue to keep Doc's Dad in your prayers. He still needs your support and every last one of them helps the cause.


I hope the day is good to all of us. I'll be back in town after sunset and you'll next hear from me early tomorrow morning. Though I won't be with you in person today, I'll certainly be with you in spirit.


God Bless.

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guten tag liebe stoolies!


gold was at 356.85, now at 355.25, some say 358 should be a top, we will see.


Futures did go up a bit this morning, but finally they couldnt hold it after it broke thru 912.50 and they sold it of, right now S&P future at 905, could be a play of big DAX institutional traders, fridays high was 3123, as it was reached they pumped the futures to suck those break out traders in, at 3143 they reversed the whole thing, DAX right now at 3048 B) B) B)


Dollar again with a punch in his face, euro just 20 pips away from making a new multi year high. B)


And who was right about this? Yes, Doc was it! Congrats! :)


If we see today the result of the 14b drain from friday, then L.O.B., but gut feeling says trading day isnt over, could become quite tricky today.

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Good Morning! Tanks Glad! Unfortunately, we have no choice but to remind a few folks individually from time to time, which I had already done. I think the message got through.


The vast majority of stoolies have shown nothing but exemplary behavior, and even those who strayed should not need constant reminders. If the moderators do their jobs, everyone else need not give this a second thought. That's what we have moderators for, and that's why I sent a note to them privately. I don't want the overwhelming majority, who are great contributors and good stoolizens, to be the least bit bothered.


It's up to us to take care of it. So the rest of you need not give it a second thought. I would only ask that if you do see something that you feel is patently, obscene, pronographic or offensive, use the notify moderator button at the bottom right corner of the post. This will enable us to take carer of any problems on a timely basis.


Many tanks to all!


The Golden Stool sure is looking sweet, isn't it?

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SG dings in...


RE SP500... SG put out 913-922 targets about 2 weeks ago.... 912.50 pretty close, but the corrective rally is not over yet.


Any pullbacks today are either wave 2's or B's....


Doc is not right that the market topped last week... not yet anyways... at least thats my opinion, FWIW....


Other note... hasnt been much in the way of Nas 100 earnings warnings kids... keep that in mind.... doesnt mean they wont guide down for q1, but it does mean bulls may push her up to my cited levels.


We get my much talked about "volume" this week finally.


That said, still looking for my 25.91 to 26.40 QQQ targets to be met, with max pain at 26.80 range...


Im flat waiting for slightly higher levels, at which point I will start scaling into short position on RYdex Venture, perhaps also Rydex Tempest (SP 500)... both 200% short.


They were particularly negative on Bloomberg this morning, which is good... means a bit more upside as I forecast should be on the way this week....


I've got Jan 9 or Jan 10 as topping level days, with official rollover of market perhaps ensuing the following week....


Just need a few bulls squawking on Crapvision this week and I will be ripping to go....


Will close out my DSCM this week at major profit, currently up 50% in a short window on it, and will be closing as it approaches $3 per share, then having 0 long positions....


I will be away today, good luck all...

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Todays' headline


news of Bush's larger-than-expected fiscal stimulus plan and a Deutsche Securities upgrade of the semiconductor equipment group


Upgrade of the Semi Equipment group???? My god, does it ever stop??


Suggested reading: " Devil take the hindmost" A great book about speculative manias dating back to the Dutch Tulip mania of the 1500's.... its uncanny how history continually repeats itself in the markets, no matter the century or location of the events...


1055-1071 remain my cited NDX levels to watch for reversal and top of wave 2 (of 3 of 3 of 3)...

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DSCM update


in at $1.80, now $2.70...


Classic E Wave chart.... wave 1 to 2.15, wave 2 to 1.64, wave 3 is under way and indicates $3.30 or so....


They are at an investor conference today pumping it... gotta love wall street...


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Orange you glad you didnt short the Q's as I warned NOT TO on Friday??


"you will be crushed next week"... but what do I know?? Just a simple guy...


Good luck, promise my last post of morning and day, had to get my fix in...


Love when a plan comes together...

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IDS, Page 3, Last Friday afternoon post


26.40 to 26.80.... when the Q's hit it... I'll be shorting massively.... until then, its all time wasted...


Just havin a lil fun with ya Doc....


Let the market come to you.... dont worry, once this wave 2 stops... wave 3 will make all bears very happy...


Next week the volume kicks in and the upside will blow the shorts right out, the bears will shit in the woods.... and Simple Guy will be shorting right into the nonsense...


Just not til then....

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Look at these gaps up on the Supermodels.


QueerLogic up $1 already......


The hysteria continues.


Hope they can pull back a little to fill the gap so I can get in for another quickie....

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Looks like SiG is right, as usual. :wink2:


Doc will cover his Q's on the first pullback, and wait for a better entry. Seems Doc is overanxious after sitting on the bench for 9 months.

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