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Guest yobob1

B4 the Bell, Fryday May 21, 2004

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I've looked at the charts and we either bounce and put in a lower high or breakdown.


Or the authorities are about to unvail the hyper-debt-inflationary salvation weapon they have been talking about for 3 years now...



That's funny...


That is totally correct...too bad they are all in China and India. and 1000 a day over the Mexican border...ooops

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Gold going up as i predicted.


Changed my mind on Oil


It has father to go.


Just read Adam Hamiltons latest esay - cant fault is logic.


After all Oil peaked at $70 in real terms in 1980.


Gold also peaked at exactly the same time at $1600 in real terms.


Still plenty of room to run on both of them.


Though short term gold a better bet as it is bouncing off its 200DMA.


Oil could have a sudden pull back - smoking longs.

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Have you all checked out an e-mini chart?


They had been drifting slighly higher, a couple points, through the evening, and then suddenly, right at 3:00 a.m., ... well, you can guess what happened.


Last I looked, Naz about +12.50 and spoos about +7.50.

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Good morning Plunger,


I enjoyed your interesting and thought provoking posts over the weekend. That must have been quite an experience, getting close to a Matrix person. It's scary to me just thinking about it.


The thing that stuck me the most, again, and I say again because we all see it in so many aspects of the "markets" day in and day out here, is the cocky, out-in-the open arrogance of it all. The 3:00 a.m. jam job is one example. It's so obvious, yet by implication what is also obvious is the Matrix could care less. I bet some small group of cretins somewhere, those responsible for this operation, laugh about it and laugh at everybody else as if we're all so many ants in an ant farm. Same goes for the Ameriscrew Screwdown that you report on so often. Just like clockwork. So criminal, and so blatantly and obviously so, yet nobody does anything, nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to even care.


I guess you can afford such arrogance and nonchalance when you own and operate the "market" institutions themselves, as well as the institutions that are supposed to police them. The result is the "markets" are now the composed and choreographed, over-produced performance art theatre houses that we around here are so apalled at.

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