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Hiding Bear

B4 The Bell, Tuezelday May 11

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I am getting info on the very low number of new highs on the NYSE.

Keep an open mind people. No emotion, just price. OK?


Night all.

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VP Cheney going in today for a "routine" check of his pacemaker. Lots of chatter that he may run into some health problems before the Repub conv. So that shruby can distance himself from some of VPs political baggage and to put in  a viable succesor. Condie and Colin are the favorites at this point. FWIW

Colin Powell as VP would be a great asset to GWB if Chainknee could be put out to pasture. Unfortunately short of Chainknee or Rummy suffering some kind of serious health problem, GWB will probably ride thier stock to zero - as they are behind the ME domination scheme that is the center of his presidency.

Colin Powell?


No chance. He's gone at the end of this term.


He's absolutely disgusted and disturbed at how he discredited

himself by pushing what has been revealed as bogus intelligence info.


"Curveball" was a total fraudelent informant. Slam dunks. Yeah right.


Sad. Real sad. What a sorry excuse for an administration. :angry:



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All of Asia is in a massive meltup.


That's why the futures turned green.

Asian markets being up means nothing. these are not leaders they are followers in the most moronic sense. Want to find true believers in the ways of the matrix - look to Asia.

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