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More Reaching And Grabbing

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The spin is nauseating


GTN, I'm putting some of my mom's money in BRMIX, an even more tempered BEARX. Up 29% in 2002 with very little volatility.


Up 15% in 2001.


I'm sure it'll pull a "hat trick" this year :grin:

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Abby's Picks on Lou's show tonite:






We'll wait for the Barron's 2003 Roundtable before constructing the ApeWoman portfolio for the new year.


By the way, LeMetropole Cafe has an interesting take on the ISM report this week:


"The biggest increase in US manufacturing in 11.5 years occurred in December if you believe the ISM numbers. The 5.5-point gain to 54.7 for December was the largest increase since June 1991."


"The increase came from an explosion of new orders, which accounts for 1/3 of the ISM index. Inventories rose to 46.2 from 42.1, but the index of stockpiles is at its highest level since August 2000."


"Employment inexplicably rose to 47.4 from 43.8!!! The backlog of orders rose to 46.5 from 42.5. A Reuter?s index of 2500 non-US purchasing managers from a dozen countries fell to 48.4 in Dec from 49.5 in Nov. Only two days ago, the Chicago PMI fell 1.5 points more than expected and consumer confidence unexpectedly tanked!!"


"Since ISM includes energy purchases, it?s highly likely that stockpiling of energy products ahead of a probable Iraqi conflict boosted the ISM. How much of the ISM gain in new orders is due to inventory building ahead of the expected Iraqi incursion, including orders by the US military as it mobilizes troops?"


"The ISM increase at best could be a one-shot ?war? stockpiling wonder, or it could be the product of artful accounting."


"Reuters on the dubious ISM numbers: "But the sudden improvement in the December report was at odds with other mediocre economic news in the past month, and puzzled economists. One respondent to the Institute survey mentioned the mid-week holiday as a motivation for customers to place increased orders?Regional surveys of manufacturing in New York, Philadelphia and the Chicago area showed smaller improvements in the past two months."


"Thursday?s rally qualifies as a 90% up day (90% advancing volume and 90% of issues advancing). When 90% up days are NOT preceded by one or more 90% down days, the insane rally usually signifies a top, not a buying opportunity. Robust rally action in the next few sessions is a necessity."

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Lou is on.

i wish they'd move his teleprompter so it's actually up in the general vicinity of the camera lens during his monologues. sometimes he looks sedated.

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I'm liking what I see here...




See the zoomed-in charts on the right-hand side. The OEX index (green) and Equity (blue) 10 day MA charts of p/c ratios are moving in opposite directions. Means we are building another important top.


Would like to see the unsmoothed (raw) equity PCR dip below 0.5 or even 0.4 before saying this rally is over.


If this happens around Jan 10-13 I'm short all over this POS like ugly on an AbbyJC :lol:

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pile it's gonna. personally i'll be stopping this callscalping foolishness very soon. it may be a parabola out of the top....nothing serious for a few weeks....or not.


i bet it'll be a big, noisy board here when everyone finally gets on the toboggan together.... :D

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By the way do any of you guys know what the elusive Simple Guy is thinking here?




get ready to dump your RYVYX :D


5:42PM ?United Airlines to furlough 1,500 more workers (UAL) by August Cole


all I heard at Holiday parties was the word "laid off" and "lost his job". More people let go in my immediate workgroup. Newsmags with cover titles like "Can the Bull Run again in 2003?"


Yeah things are getting better - NOT!

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Invision this if you will.


We completed or nearly completed 5 waves up from tuesdays low. A little bounce on Monday, a three wave move to the downside (target 890ish) then a final 5 wave move to complete the 5-3-5 by mid Jan.


Doc is absolutely correct. Look for the set ups for shorting. I told ya i am still net long but, that will not be for too much longer.


Have a good weak-end.

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First, a joke... :rolleyes:


A man goes to his doctor and says, "Doc, I have a problem. My girlfriend is sleeping over this Friday, my ex-wife is sleeping over this Saturday and my wife is coming home Sunday. I need 3 Viagra pills to satisfy them all."


The doctor says "You know 3 Viagra pills 3 nights in a row is pretty dangerous for a man of your age. I will give them to you on the condition you return to my office on Monday so that I can check you out."


The man says, "You have a deal, doc."


Monday morning the man returns with his arm in a sling. The doctor asks, "What happened?"


The man answered "Nobody showed up!" :blink:



Wndysurf, have you gotten long on any energy players yet?


Look at RRI... (hubba-hubba) Sold out way too early on this one. Inverted head & shoulders anyone? :huh:

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Guest AssMaster

The Foresight saga, continued


Shares have had their worst year for decades. Interest rates are close to record lows. Where should you invest?


STOCKMARKETS fell for the third year running in 2002. Measured by the decline in the ratio of equity wealth to GDP, the current bear market is the deepest in history. Yet not all investors have lost their shirts. Remember Felicity Foresight? In December 1999 The Economist revealed how this little-known but brilliant investor had used an infallible investment strategy to become the world's richest person. Her secret? Perfect foresight.

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Heys Guys,

Well this might make Brian a bit nervous but I pulled the trigger on the following positions today:


Russian roulette anyone? The correct way to play a bear market is short or neutral. Not long, especially not 200% long. I hope this is a hedge. I expect the QQQ's to ultimately trade at levels 50% lower than todays close. Good luck, one of us will need it! :P

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