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Ten-year T-note yield is below 3.75%.

What was the lowest yield last year?


Might be the right time to lock in rates at double bottom.



Low yield on the 10-year was 3.075% on June 16, 2003. (per BigCharts).


The GSEs were hedging furiously against the refi madness.


Then they got royally whipsawed. The bodies are still hidden somewhere. :huh:

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Lenders, retailers, and builders refuse to pull back.


I guess another Refi Blitz is underway


Wndy, I talked to a younger guy who does a lot of home equity loans and seconds and last night said a year ago he'd be getting 15 calls a day...now he said he's lucky to get two or three a day.


The Chitown area is definately different than LA but he said he was scared sheetless at whats gonna happen when this ends....


He was also talking about how ridiculous the appraisels were and the absues he's seeing with the credit card companies to get a loan through.....this guys bought his home for 210k 2 years ago and the same cookie cutter houses around him are going for 270k...


I think the fallout from this market will dwarf the stock market mania in the Naz.....



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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