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Many Tanks Mark!

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Every day, Doc is amazed at the amount of work Mark puts in for us, not to mention his extraordinary talent. The most amazing thing is that he does it for free. That's right, without compensation! Doc likes to send Mark a little something every few months, as his way of saying thanks, but it is a pittance relative to what Mark gives us.

Wouldn't you like to show your appreciation to Mark, as well as support his continued efforts on our behalf? Would you like to support the continued free operation of the Mark to Market forum and the Stool Pigeons Wire? You can! Just click the big "Thanks Mark" button. It will take you to a secure payment form at Paypal. You can contribute whatever amount you wish, as well as add a few comments in the comment box on the Paypal form.

77.5% of your contribution will immediately be sent to Mark.

20% will be used to defray the costs of operating the Stool Pigeons Wire, which have risen exponentially as the board has grown. You stoolies who have been around for awhile are well acquainted with Capitalstool's growing pains. As the board has grown, and the need for speed grows with it, the server costs have risen astronomically, going from a few hundred dollars a year to thousands. Advertising dollars alone do not offset the cost increase. Doc wants to keep the messsage boards free, or at least supported by voluntary contributions, but he needs your help to do it. With thousands of regular daily visitors, it would only take a small contribution from most of you, or a big contribution from a few of you who can easily afford it, to make that goal an ongoing reality!

Mark does not know about this, but I guess he will when he sees this. So Mark, this is Doc's way of saying an additional Many Tanks! Doc thinks your thousands of fans will agree, and will send along a measure of their appreciation!

OK! Stoolies and wndysrfers, lets show Mark how much his hard work and unique insights really mean to you. Send a measure of your support to Mark right now! Just click the big thank you button and fill out the Paypal form! It only takes a minute!

Many tanks for your support!


Paypal, a subsidiary of eBay, is the web's largest payment service, serving millions of reistered users. Paypal is fast, secure, and free. For more information, go to http://www.paypal.com

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Guest OSignal

Mark - On good days and bad, your market views help fill the gap!


Thank You,



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:shocked dok alright already

I'LL SEND SOME GELT but not on the vershtunkene electronic pay pal--im too old for the complexity of the system--but after this your on your own --sei a mensch-du herst

bearderech :grin: :wink2: :rolleyes: :) :o

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It's that time of the month again boys and girls. Let's show Mark a little appreciation for his efforts. Especially, if he helped you make, or save, some moolah this month! In the process you will be helping to support Capitalstool too.

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Thanks Mark, your daily analysis is very funny :D and very appreciated B)


I :ph34r:


read them every day, the market wrap-up isn't complete without it!

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"Inflate or die." Keep the fractional reserve banking system going! Send Mark some money!


Nice work, Mark. Much appreciated by all.

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