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Happy Noo Year

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The final word on cheap ass commission.....for you really cheap commission bastards.



Look at Freetrade by Ameritrade.  Thats right, trading without commissions.  Well, at least for your first 25 equity trades per month.  Then just $3 for the 26th - 100th.  


Oh yeah, just one thing.....there is no freaking telephone support.  Everything is via electronic.  No voice customer support.  There is nobody.  Got that.


Dont look at me....I have never used it, never will.  A friend just sent me the linik sometime I ago and I just remember it.

I've been using Freetrade for a couple years. I love it. No phone number, no address. All support is by e-mail. I've never had a problem. I'm not an active trader though. They don't pay much interest on cash, but thanks to Al neither does my bank. They do charge for option trades.

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rallies and bounces...please, what joke.


Keep it simple:


Major top Dec 2

next major bottom March/April ??


I set sail with a southerly bearing six figures into BEARX in early Dec and will remain that way until next major bottom. In between now and then its all BS noise to be ignored. When in doubt, give the benefit of doubt to the current intermediate trend - DOWN!


Safest trades are and have been since Dec 2 in this direction.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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