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Appointment With The President

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ok ok, market boring, so i give a good link:


I discovered a very nice, easy to use chart programme, espacially usefull for those stoolies who dont have metastock or esignal or a other sophisticated programme, but were ever interested to get to know where coca cola share price was in 1982 or so. It is a java programme, you dont need ticker symbols, very good, cause big charts has long term charts too, but you have to search for the symbol, what drove me mad sometimes. Here it is:




in the bar above you see "Kennz. Engl. P T i ?" and so on, justr click on "Engl." and the interface will turn into english language. When you go to "country selection" you get also ALL stocks which are listed in the USA, just with a click, no need to search for a symbol. B)


Another nice link, where you can check fundamental data of over 20,000 companies worldwide is here:




have fun! :lol:





only when you look at the long term charts you will see the whole madness in this market, for example, Anheuser-Busc?h was at 1 in 1980, now it is at 48 :lol: :lol:

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Sorry, I've been out. My wife and I were cloning.


Does anyone know what exchange Clonaid trades on? Talk about a cult stock!

LoU, don't even think about it. The raelians are a bunch of space cadets- so much so that they wouldn't even take that comment as an insult. Watch the video of that flake they trotted out at Friday's press release. It looks to me to be a pathetic, laughable attempt to scam some publicity by a fringe cult of wackos, weirdos and x-files fans.

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SG Chimes in with a trade update


Re-entering ELN for a LONG trade at 2.23 just now. I sold out at 2.92 a few weeks ago after buying at 2.40. I then bought DSCM at 1.90, and sold at 2.40 last week... this is how you do it...




ELN has a falling bullish wedge formation. The stock has sold off on light volume to what I attribute as tax loss selling year end. Also, Accumulation is rising and money flow is huge while the stock falls off.... as in positive money flow.


I suspect it will re-visit the $3.00 level in early January.... at which point I may dump it again...


That said...


Will likely also go LONG the QQQ at 200% on the close tonight....


Finally... Put to Call dont mean jack on light volume days...


And finally finally... markets tend to do what you least expect.... which is how I make my $$...


Good luck in your trading...

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if you are there, i know you are an auto expert, so my question is: Shouldnt we short the shit out of Porsche? :lol:


look at the chart and you know why i ask. And of course traditionally a weak dollar was always bad for porsche, in the 80s they went almost bankrupt becasue of that and some other things.

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Bontchev, nice charts... I was looking at that pattern this weekend. I was looking at it as a possible Gartly Bullish pattern at completion where the B? would be a D at .618..... isn't TA fun, with how one interpets charts and draws the patterns....


a ways out yet so will be interesting to see how the patterns play out.

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what happened to Mobswithout ?


PIXR now down to 52. Didn't he short 20,000 at 60. Nice call. Probably on a vacation using his profits up. Jeez.

Yeah, he was damn right. And I said I wouldnt short that one when he posted it! Well, I was damn wrong.

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was the retrace to 879.55 close enough? I just did it with the flop down fib grid, so not the most accuate.... * If * that was the bounce, the targets would be




863.55 these are just fib targets, but might be worth seeing what happens at those points.

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