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Shocking News Hits Market

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This chart seems to want to convey the impression that the Sell the Sadamn News Event was actually a 4-week cycle low. The boner afterward seems to be a fresh 4-week cycle launch, under the impetus of a continuing 6-7 week cycle, also carried along by the launch of longer cycles at the same period of the multiple cycle launches on 11/24. so even the Sodamn capture, the sell-off, the continuing boner, all seem to be explainable completely within Hurst parameters. I just wish I could visualize the events a little better before and as they occur. No-one said it was easy.


.....time is on my side for continuing evolvement in that endevour.


.....and I sure wouldn't want to be long with Tidy Bowl Blue at 100% for now either, even though much of this weekend's discussion has been of a very bullish nature. We still have to determine the wiggles along the way there to longer term targets.


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Didn't Bareister warn us continually to watch Japan, for signs of the first crack?


Yuppers, he did, and did, and did........and did some more. :P :D :lol:


The Nikme seems to actually display a nice correction after the Red Crap rolled over a bit and came off the 100% level.


The Nikme is the leader of the pack so far....


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This is related to a question I have that confuses me to no end. Obviously if yuan is revaluated then the price of gold will drop in yuan - right? So if you live in China you shouldn't buy gold - yet. Case in point is what happened to gold in Europe the past year. But what about mining shares? Would it not mimic the Sout African experience? So again it should not be a good buy in general (I don't know about the specifics of this company).



You want to know whats wonderfull? What is simply delightfull about you "internationalists"? The Chinese know just how wonderfull their hyperinflating Yuan is. Just how strong. How powerfull. That is why all gold made available for sale in China is immediately sold. Because they know how VALUABLE a report by the government declaring low inflation is. You should to, "internationalists".

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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