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Market Manipulation Alive And Well


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really good stuff Bob Kincheloe's interview was helpful to

me also as he suggested people ought to trade the time frames they feel most comfortable with i.e. some people are not emotionally/psychologically wired to trade the medium or longer terms while some cant do the intraday and vice versa.



I was ok with the whole government intervention thing for a while. Afterall the idea of terrorists selling short then blowing things up is abhorent. Now I'm thinking it has turned into yet another scummy Wall street scam that is, as Carl said, akin to trading on inside information. So if the government is going to daytrade I think they ought to get there own dsl connection, metastosck subscription and read the anals like the rest of us; instead of farming there orders out to GSCO and the likes. It is so wrong that some of da boyz know when the orders are coming down and are allowed to get fat on that knowlege. But whadayagonnadoabotit

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"It is so wrong that some of da boyz know when the orders are coming down "


Ya ain't that the shit.


It's called lack of morals and they're seriously lacking today in the markets and in gubmint.


Fortunately they've ripped off so many people so hugely this time that this could be their undoing. There are limits to everything.


How does that basball park song go, "Na, na, na, na. Say Goodbye......."

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