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"I'm cheering a Street gang's bust"


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I don't know if "The market is going up right now" matches with bullishness. Think of the stakes that are being played for in the market. Even if the market is behaving in a manner that doesn't appear to make sense, I think you have to work with what is actually happening, not with what should be happening. Do not underestimate the power of the dark side of the force.


Having said that, I suspect that trying to make the market behave in a certain way builds up imbalances that will eventually have to correct.


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Bob Piss was on Crapvision saying that a ML product, GLD will be trading Dec 4th, its called TRAKER, and tracks Gold.





I believe they called it a "nontraditional" futures contract that will trade on the CME but can be held in stock accounts? Didn't quite hear all of it. Maybe they said "unconventional". :lol:


the matrix does gold

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One of these days in the not too distant future, Gruff - if still long - will be standing crying at de beer machine while I'm down sipping cocktails at the Conrad bar on Avenue Louise :grin: :grin:

lmao :lol:


Meanwhile, "Charmed cobra" FURmation to a new high...


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on es friday the futures went out at a strong premium to cash implying a high probabiluty of a continuation up. mrkt opened up right above/on a critical level and zoom. right up into that 50% ret level fx mentioned on dow was about 9744 or so and on the es its 948 aprox.


zones i'm trading around today on ES are 1040-42, 47-49 then 54-56 and of course 61-63 which is months highs.


Below if market trades below and holds belwo 40 i'm lookin down to 36-34 , then months lows into 30. Below 26-24 selling should get heavy and make a push to the big target of 1016.25

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