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"I'm cheering a Street gang's bust"


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Gotta hand it to The Matrix.


Stocks in a vertical meltup.


Gold in waterfall mode.


11:00AM: Supported by technically-inspired buying, the major averages are sticking near their session highs... Also contributing to the favorable bias is talk of Goldman Sachs buying December S&P 500 futures contracts... The bulk of the sectors remain in the green, with the biotech and technology sectors especially strong...


Where's that golf clap???

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I'm wondering if the "strong dolor policy" isn't going to reverse and become an actual strong dolor policy.


Here's the idea, BushCo wanted it weakened as this would help exports. Turns out that didn't happen at all.


No change in trade deficit so, fark it, you know?


If the SM is going to rally on the basis of a strengthening dolor, well then, why not strengthen the bad boy?

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Easy Soup.


One of these days in the not too distant future, Gruff - if still long - will be standing crying at de beer machine while I'm down sipping cocktails at the Conrad bar on Avenue Louise :grin: :grin:


In the meantime I think we are shortly headed back towards the lows.

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Hussman recognizes the hazards but isn't calling an end to the spike yet. (Note the acceleration of insider selling.)


Gotta be intrigued by a guy who quotes Sartre when talking about his trading philosophy:


"Over the years, I've written a lot about ?daily action.? You decide on a set of actions that you believe will lead to good results if you follow them consistently. Then you follow them consistently. Unless a goal translates into daily, present action, focusing on that goal is simply a way of escaping reality. As Jean Paul Sartre wrote, ?Je ne suis rien autre que mes actes? ? I am nothing other than my actions."



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