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"I'm cheering a Street gang's bust"


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I will refrain from further posts, lets face it the vast majority are bullish and do not want to hear any dissension.

I don't think the majority here are bullish.... just realistic. Wealth creation is the directive at all costs and measures. And the days before Thanksgiving are up over 80% of the time, not exactly a very risky bet to go long.

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greg: One thing I can say with certainity, there are no absolutes in this gig, no way is it impossible for the mkt to do anything. In fact I would agree w/ kwave, much higher and the govt wins again. Not a guarentee. But perhaps the most likely scenario. WIll refrain, this time, promise.

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I'm just as sick of this POS as as you are.The only hope I can offer is that we have been following the Bradley chart but with a 2 week lag for the Brad vs S&P.


If this is the case, then the high was in on 7 Nov(2 weeks before Bradley turn date).The next high is coming up shortly.And then it's all downhill until April.


Unfortunately though,if what I see as the top on Nov 7th

isn't and that the turn was Friday last and was a low--then I should get some call options!


Sorry can't post the chart as it's too big and if I "downsize" it,it becomes illegible!

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Anybody looking at what happened in the markets last year during Turkey week. Up almost 4% during the week on an intraday basis (inc. Dec2) and that Monday, Dec 2nd, was a blow off reversal day.

Nice observation Chiefy!


Could Dec be a month where everyone scrambles to get out ahead of their neighbour??


Let them pile into gold on their way out of Nasdog junk :lol:

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Mark did you load up on NTES last week? What a trade...


What do ya and other stoolies think of DROOY here? Both this and KGC looks tempting to me...I want to have these two as a medium term buy in my portfolio before I leave.

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