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"I'm cheering a Street gang's bust"


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There is a BRADLEY MODEL low projected FUR Mon or Toozdee, allegedly. Izzit FUR equities or gold?


How is the world looking through your ROSE COLOURED glASSES(_)_)(_(_)? this mawnin', Mr TwoScrews?


In which Mr TwoScrews looks in a mirror through rose-coloured glasses, only to discover the horrifying consequences of doing sew:


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And of course the logic goes like this:


Stock markets are melting-up because of great, improving fundamentals and silver is down because, um, as a primary industrial metal, it, um, well we just want it to go down damnit!

:D :D :D


Mr. Spitzer I say again are you watching the action in the metals markets today? Please have a look at open interest in the Gold and Silver calls expiring today for answers to todays weakness.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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