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"I'm cheering a Street gang's bust"


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Somebody mentioned it here last week, Thanksgiving is coming and the Matrix is likely to try and jam things so that everyone will be bullish and optomistic for the holiday period.


Early morning futures jam, early morning USD jam, gold????


Looks like business as normal.


Now onto Dec Gold, open interest is 118,000 with only 3 trading days left till first notice day. Wonder who's going to blink first? :unsure: ?:unsure:

What is the normal open interest position at this date, generally?


Hope some gold dude is backing up his truck in earnest, with the matrix looking at it like a bomb threat. :rolleyes:

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Worldwide spending on UAV [unmanned Aerial Vehicle] development is likely to run to about $3.35 billion in 2012. That's up from $1.88 billion this year.


Wall Street is taking note.


"UAVs could be the next very big growth area," says Jun Zhao, a defense anal cyst for U.S.-based fund manager Federated ?Investors.

Lord, I can see it now through my rose-coloured glasses. The rainbow-arched blue sky filled with swarms of dancing UAV butterflies, darting happily hither and thither in a syncopated aerial ballet ... as investors cheer deliriously from the grandstands, their bulging pockets jingling with coin.


How can we get in on the "ground floor," as it were?


Midair miracles

lots of different "missions" for these but one thing they all need is power. Green battery company turned military contractor ARTX is a contender, and if the military chooses zinc-air over lithium they're in great shape. But, as many here know, they've already had a good run. And with all the companies they've bought in the last year I have trouble figuring out what they're worth. But if they announce a battery deal while the shills are pumping the "UAV play", funnymentals won't matter.


your link - very PC - "Uninhabited" Aerial Vehicles - doubt many in the military call them that.


anyway, coming soon to your neighborhood...


a couple of links:

Arotech Battery Powers Dragon Eye Unmanned Drone in First UAV Zinc-Air Flight Test

US Army's CECOM Publishes Tender for up to 150,000 Zinc-Air Batteries on a Sole-Source Basis

Arotech Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Top Tier Military Battery Company

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i once saw that film by accidnet. Although it is only a TV film it was impressive. To those who dont know the story: That doctor - when he was 100% sane and in good shape - made jokes about his cancer patients, that was not jsut kidding he really made jokes and didnt treat his patients with respect.

In the end he got cancer by himself, he couldnt talk anymore, lung cancer it was. He wasnt joking anymore.

Point Well Taken............


Whether in the markets...........or in medicine.........................


Cutting and Not Caring about the consequences is disasterous...............


Time will be the judge................

'seen it many times: the weak trying to assert power over that which is feared. Crooks becoming lawyers; sociopaths getting M.D. degrees, traders trying to corner a market, management manipulating shareholders, etc.


We've yet to see Al fail to control his greatest fear. Yet it is coming. Everything he thinks he has won, future generations will lose in spades.


It's why they call it turkey week.

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May I remind one and all that the topic of this thread is trading, and that extraneous material, other than for the purpose of short humorous diversion should not be posted here, as it disrupts the flow. Please post non-trading related items to LOB or other appropriate forum.


Thank You

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Just saw the semi downgrade which was a nicw try biy some bullhorn house trying to act like "they actually care" about valuation.


Sheeple remind me of my inlaws Golden Retriever when it comes to these downgrades. They have three and one half acres with an electric fence all around the yard. The dog knows it's there and knows it will hurt if it runs through it but every once in while it bolts and "takes the pain" cause he wants to party in the pond down the road even though he's going to end up getting leashed for a few weeks when he gets back home.


When I saw that semi down grade, the first thing I tought of was the electirc fence, then a little pause to reflect, then an awe F it party.



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Insensitive doctors, and pilotless airplanes, etc., are subjects which should be posted on LOB. You can always place a referral link to the new topic here in this thread. That way we don't have long tangential discussions not relevant to the market here. I'm just trying to maintain a modicum of organization on the boards.


Many tanks!

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GSEs and JPM looking weak. B)


On an unrelated note, Martin Weiss wrote in his most recent

newsletter that he "didn't expect the rally to come this far

or last this long". He also states that in the [statist's] zeal

to [prop up] the [stock market], the dollar is being devalued.


If Martin Weiss missed the ramp-o-rama, I don't feel so bad,

just broke. ;)

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