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Al Green Gropes J-Lo Bottom

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Up $1.75 AH


Earnings??  Probably not.  Just chart action

may we enter another neologism into our fffinancial glossary--

YEARNINGS--Earnings that are either false or merely aspired to by corporate entities which are sometimes named "SHELLS"--AS e.g --


"yearn" not to be confused with "urine" a fluid usually seen in the form of a golden arch--not to be confused with "fools gold" as people called sheeple do; who confuse every earthly concavity with an investible entity-



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? what the hell are you talking about? I feel like i'm in a hall of funhouse mirrors-

? ?Why should i defend myself when i dont know whats attacking me?

? ? ?What advantage does one get ?when they "steal" my personality or identity--

? ? ? ?You rember how difficult it was for me to get back in and thats why im worried stiff-

? ? ? ? Please explain--or please some stoolie explain whats going on

? ? ? ? ?beardrech



I've already stolen yr identity on Bullstool.com


I may be persuaded to sell it back to ye...

how much are ye offering?





remember the adage "he who steals my purse steals something worthwhile,while he who steals my my soul steals trash"

or something like that

bdrech :P :P :)

Beardrech-- Of course you played with us. As we North


Americans would say " You got a whole lotta soul,




Read your earnest and heartfelt posts. I would never


trade your soul at a discount.





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Morgan Stanley (MDW) Monday agreed to pay $50 million to settle federal charges of mutual fund abuses as the industry scandal widened amid further withdrawals of funds by investors in Putnam Investments.....without admitting or denying the charges.


Oh I guess they are not guilty then.



There is nothing-NOTHING-that pisses me off more than seeing this clause stuck in what is otherwise a criminal settlement.


It makes me utterly, totally, 100%, apopletic, off-the-reservation, eye's-bulging, hair-pulling-out, teeth-grinding, stark-raving bonkers.


:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


They surrender a modest portion of the gains, take a public slap on the wrist, and then return to business as usual.


Firms must fail.


You take one out behind the courthouse, and summarily execute it, like Andersen, and you might see some change in behavior.


Until then, it's just total bullcrap.


And that goes for Spitzer's earlier settlements on the investigation into analycysts.


Did I mention that this stuff pisses me off?


you think you go crazy over the above injustices


did you ever see a 68(almost 69) year old man drop on all fours and start to dervishly whirl himself around trying to bite himself on the ass--


This is what my political lassitude has turned me into--and i warn young stoolies--do not capitulate to current political leaders aby permitting them to dddrive you mad by their distractions--


Learn to enjoy piercing their preposterous disguises and after which enjoy displaying them as if you had them on the fender of your car---

bdrech-- :P :P :lol:

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Silver bounced back up to 5.32 and a futures boner too. Interesting. Maybe the greenman really is losing control. B)

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Tina Brown interveiwed Spitzer. There's NO will to prosecute a company. People, yes. Companies, no. They don't think the infrastructure could withstand the shock, and SAID so.


AG won't stop this fund scandal. They have a tendency to run their course once started, and this one is well underway. It's a Pandora's Box. Spitzer said EVERY time he turns over a rock in fund-land, vermin crawl out from underneath, and those were his words - "vermin".


It's a good way of putting it.


Don't underestimate The Law of Unintended Consequences, either. This scandal is, probably, in its incipient phase. Who knows where it will lead?


good post bare. nice precis of the whole ball o' wax.

imagine Shaque oneil trying to bed down with Pandora's Box----TOO TOO BIG TO F***; exactly the dillemma Spitzer is facing--HE SAYS "everything i investIgate has the architectural integrity of a loaf of swiss cheese redolent with the aroma of LIMBURGER--


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SEASONAL PATTERNS 1971-2002{STRONG UP DAYS FOR NOVEMBER}.... Nov24th --83%, Nov25th--76%, Nov26th--74%, Day before Thanksgiving[this yr Nov 26th--81%], Day after Thanksgiving[this yr Nov 28th--87%]..........all I can say is Wow!!!

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Richard Russell on gold over the weekend:


November 15, 2003 -- There are a few times in an investor's life when the opportunity for huge profits lies ahead. Such periods in the stock market occurred in 1932, 1942, 1949, 1974 and 1980-82. People who loaded up with common stocks at those times and held those stocks made fortunes.


I believe another such a time is now. And I'm referring to the current young bull market in gold. Subscribers who have been with me during recent years were urged to buy gold stocks back in 1999. Those who did buy the suggested gold stocks and held those stocks now have substantial profits.


I believe that fortunes will be made in the years ahead by those who are now establishing major positions in gold and gold shares. I've said this a number times before, but I want to repeat it --


These primary moves last longer than anyone believe possible -- and they take the items higher than anyone thinks possible. We're now in a primary bull market in gold.


I believe gold (and very probably silver) will make fortunes for those who now take major positions in the precious metals.


I want to repeat something that a prominent Wall Street millionaire told me half a century ago -- tough words that I never forgot. "Russell, my boy" this gentleman offered, "Do you know why stock brokers never make big money in a bull market?"


I confessed that I didn't know."


He answered, "They don't make big money in a bull market, because they never believe their own bull shit."


In other words, the brokers tell their clients "what a great market this is," but they're just blabbing. If they really believed that it was a great market they'd be loading up on stocks themselves, which if course, they never do.


So this is my position -- I believe gold below and even somewhat above 400 dollars an ounce is dirt cheap. In view of the amount of Fed-generated fiat paper that will have to be churned out in coming years (it will be in the multi-trillions of dollars), gold is the cheapest thing around. The US government, states, cities, corporations and individuals are currently loaded with $32 trillion in debt. On top of that, the US government has additional unfunded liabilities of around $44 trillion, all of which will have to financed.


For these reasons, it's my thesis that gold at $400 an ounce is ridiculously cheap. As a comparison, gold today is less than half the price it was at its 1980 high.


I believe three or four or five years from now we'll look back at today's price of $400 dollar gold and ask ourselves, "Where the devil were we? What were we thinking about? Gold at $400 was cheaper than dirt. What didn't we recognize this back in the year 2003?"


As I see it, this is one of those rare times in an investor's life when he can buy an undervalued asset at a bargain price. This is a time when you can buy real money with fiat paper. At this time you can buy real money, gold, with "junk" fiat paper which is created "out of thin air" by the Federal Reserve.


Big profits have already been made by those who bought gold and gold shares two or three years ago. But that is nothing compared with what I see ahead -- as the bull market in gold moves on. We are now in the accumulation phase of the gold bull market, This is the phase where seasoned, knowledgeable investors build their positions -- even while the public and most neophyte "investors" are either ignorant of what's happening or at a time when the public actually dislikes the very product which could make them a future fortune.


But the secret to all this is the necessity to ACT. Knowledge is wonderful, but in this business, knowledge isn't worth a damn unless you have the courage to "pull the trigger" -- to ACT.


I've listed gold stocks and gold and gold funds until I'm dizzy, until some subscribers have written to tell me that I should "get off gold," that they're tired of hearing about it. So, dear subscribers, it's now up to you. Bull markets are great, knowledge is great -- but there's no substitute for acting. Act, act, act.



Someone once said: "InFURmation SNOT acted upon is WUTHLESS".


'Spose sew....

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I have a question. I am starting to collect coins with my boys and would like to know the difference between proof and mint sets and the difference between proof and certified coins.


Can you give me a short run down on this?






Edit should I consider proof sets to be inthe range of ms-69-70?

Proof sets are minted via a special process; more weight applied to the die, sometimes stamped multiple times, and the planchets (blanks) are usually loaded/unloaded by hand to insure quality. On top of that most modern proofs are minted in cameo relief; frosted devices with mirror like backgrounds (or the opposite, often called an inverse proof strike).


Mint sets are just coins pulled before circulation and packaged up. This insures that they're mint state.


Certified coins are coins that are graded and encapsulated by a third party grading service such as PCGS (which is probably the most trusted), NGC, ANACS, SEGS, and the list goes on. I believe typing http://www.pcgs.com/ into your browser will take you to the PCGS website and the same for NGC (second highest respected grading service right after PCGS) if you want the full scooper load.


Proof sets shouldn't be graded using the MS (Mint State) prefix, but instead should be graded as PF followed by a number. Where they tend to grade out of the box I'm not totally certain. I do know that there are plenty of crapper proof sets around (coins spotted or damaged by improper sealing of the sets etc...). I always request a good light (it's no coincidence that many coinshops have dim or poor lighting) and look at them from several angles before buying.


Hope that helps. -Seven

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