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Gold Has Become The Best Investment

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what was the symbol for that option play???"




It can take 203 weeks to acquire even a few contracts this far out because they aren't very liquid.


I think that anyone writing Gold Calls this far out (in time) has to be a lunatic given the world situation today. They must not like being rich.


Or maybe they don't read the news ?


The odds of a major event (terrorist attack, WWIII, etc.) are quite high in this time period.


Anyway I'll be glad to take this Gold off their hands as they apparently don't need it.

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Our guest said:

"Gold will be useless".


Well.. gold is pretty much the only currency that we can trace back to before the time of Christ.

Can anyone show me a time when it was as worthless as a UAL I.O.U.?


Maxxpain made an interesting statement:

"I don't think of gold as an investment, but as insurance. In my brokerage account I bought some gold stocks just so all the cash wouldn't be in their putrid money market account. "


I agree, physical gold is perhaps one of the best catastrophe insurances.. but if we study the history of gold it has had 2 massive moves to the upside in the last 25 years... a steady move up recently, but nothing massive.


In response to Maxxpain, I would say I wouldn't be very surprised to see gold at 300 a year from now, but also not very surprised to see it at 500 either.

It likes to do a run every now and then.


I also see little downside from here.. sure, a few TA guys like Neely think it could go to 200 or 250, but If we south of 300, I will take all of you for a free lunch at one of the Burger Kings that hasn't closed as an apology for my poor judgement. :P

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