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Hard Candy


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This broadcast is being brought to you LIVE from Green Witch, early on Christmas Eve morning . . . very, very early on Christmas Eve morning as you can see.


So here's the deal - at long last - looks like I have the use of a Dell Inspiron notebook for the time being, courtesy of a most gracious lady by the name of Carolyn who is a friend of my friend Joel. Since it will take awhile for me to get it set up tomorrow in Creatureville, I'm opening this thread now just before I depart Green Witch.


I feel you will all appreciate this pre-holiday gem, which is actually the sequel to yesterday's afternoon topic, Itty-Bitty Things.



Hard Candy



I read the email you sent out concerning Itty-Bitty Things.


I had one of those happen to me today that will remain with me for the rest of my days.


Fifty years ago on Christmas Eve my father was murdered, and twenty years later my older brother committed suicide. So Christmas had turned sort of sour for me.


Today we stopped at a mall on the way home from my son's home in Denver, and while my wife was doing her shopping, I was sitting in the mall feeling sad and a little sorry for myself when I looked up to see a little boy of three or four watching me.


He came over to me and gave me a small piece of hard candy and looking deeply into my eyes smiled as he said, "Merry Christmas."


Looking around his father called for him to come back where he belonged. The little boy smiled slyly and ran back to his parents.


I went out of the store and got into my car and cried.


The look in that child's eyes and that wonderful gesture touched me more deeply than I can tell you.


It was one of those Itty-Bitty Things but was one of the most important things anybody has ever done for me.


I remember my mother telling me when I was young that "A little child will lead us." It is true.


If I'm still around next year, I'll be looking forward to Christmas for the first time in many years.


by MountainWings subscriber Wayne in Colorado


From MountainWings.com ? The Daily Inspirational Email



bdaycake.gif And Happy (belated) Birthday to AgentSmith, who celebrated this past Sunday. My regrets for not picking up on that yesterday.


And also, congratulations to Vesselin in making it to 1K yesterday :).


As I mentioned yesterday afternoon, this will be the only thread du jour because of the half day in The Playpen today. And in a few minutes I'm going to begin my long voyage back to Creatureville.


So in closing I wish you all a safe, wonderful and joyous holiday and I'll see you Thursday morning, God willing.

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Guten Tag Stoolstadt!


no trading in germany today, but forex is open, he he. :lol:



about buckmeister: It looks like 10 month cycle is dominat, ergo, it is the cycle to trade if you are position trader. Now would it be possible to have a long term chart, maybe one which begins back in the 1980s to evaluate if the 12 month is really the dominant cycle? That would really be a great help. :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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