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Itty-Bitty Things

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can't remember if I got this here last week or Kitco, but cute sorta



"Pfizer Corp. (PFE) is making the announcement today that Viagra will soon be

available in liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power

beverage suitable for use as-is or as a mixer, under the name: "Mount and



Pepsi's proposed ad campaign suggests: "It will now be possible for a man to

literally pour himself a stiff one."

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sup stoolville, howsz tricks, i'm scooping more SYMC apr45 puts in here on the poppo, Lana's loving the naz action this pm- bwhahahahahahahahaha



sideways to toast boyz and grrlz


dont even break a sweat over it, i'm taking off for the caribbean on Thursday so if you crazy kids don't hear from me just throw a log on the fire for me. hopefully we will get back safely to the mainland. happy holidays to all. see you in the new year, may it be pork-fed and mushu filled!!!!


if any of you missed my late post to mark2mark last night here was my message for all of stoolville. peace and happiness to all.


"as for the rest of Stoolville- rog- this one is for you.


as an early Xmas and a late Hanukkah gift i am giving back to all those who so humbly and unselfishly have given to me. some of you have asked me where i and others like me go for deep info, research, or trustworthy analysis- its a precious commodity nowadays for sure.


well we IM each other daily and talk often in the week to share info, data, studies, and gossip, hey we are human dontchaknow. but since so many here are Cmap, Ewave, and Ozzie fans i never thought anyone really cared so i never offered, well some one asked so i will now share one of my most prized online possesions- and before the complaints start rolling in, i know, i know they aint cheap, so enough already, but you DO get what you pay for. plus Lana luvs em:


stooltown, rog et.al - merry xmas:





stay nimble stay focused and hey, smoke em


so says i,



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Long in UOPIX as of 3:30 PM --for a couple of days at most


I think some more jamming takes place based on closing above the 50

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