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I am again starting a test of the new subscription system. This means that some of you may have a problem accessing the subscription section of the site. I hope not, but.... Please be patient. It's the only way, according to the payment gateway people.


You can help out by trying to log in to the Anals. Please let me know if your log-in works, or if it doesn't work. drstool@capitalstool.com


This test will be temporary, hopeully not more than an hour. Again, please attempt to log in with your subscriber name and password.

Got right in the first try.

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Wish to crap you were wrong here B but know your snot.

Always wanted to know how Goebbels did it but didn?t think I would have to sit and watch a reply.

Goebbels studied Hollywood, intensely......

Arnode B) save us ;)

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What kind of car do YOU drive?


HRFF was sittin in Seattle's growing horrendous traffic yesterday and he was AGOG at the wealth being spent on vehicles around here.


HRFF tools down to the Princeton alumni meeting with his "sister."



I can't figure what I enjoy most about your contributions to this site: your erudite writing or your absolutely wicked sense of humor! :D

machinehead...will you give us an official nose pick on tv for us tomorrow? or maybe the bird when scratching eye for fun!! :P

HRFF is sending this on, promptly, to William FURd, who wuz in his eating club at P'ton.


"Billy" WON'T be pleezed at this DERISIVE LAMPOONING of a family name and biz icon.


SHAME, TwoScrews! The Edsel was simply MISUNDERSTOOD.


BARE won't tell you who ELSE was in that eating club of his along w him. He's helping The Shrub run the country into the ground at the moment. Something to do with the BUDGET...


Is TwoScrews going on the telly tomorrow?




What will his RATINGS be?

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Leave it to Beaving......


2:17PM Sector Watch -- Gold : The price of gold is taking its biggest beating in six years (-4.0%) as the Gold & Silver index (XAU -5.0%) crashed through its 50-day moving average (89.02) today. The last time this index penetrated its 50-day ma was on July 15 with a 4.5 % drop in price, although over the course of that following week the index recouped all of its losses as it rallied to new highs. In addition, note that the Amex Gold Bug Index (HUI -5.6%) is currently testing the support of its own 50-day moving average at 186.84. The XAU components seeing the largest losses today are: DROOY -8.3%, HMY -6.2%, GFI -5.8%, AU -5.7%, GG -5.6%, and KGC -5.5%.

Call me insane CA, but I am legging into a few of the more abudicated ("officially abused") shares.CDE, WHT and GG for starters.


Probably stupid.


But, I think this down-pop in the PMs was contrived and won't stick for long.


Sort of my own version of 'socially responsible investing'. Since I believe in PMs so much, the potential losses don't, somehow, seem as bad.

You're Insane :P , but then again, I legged into more BGO too...

BGO - good call. Still (although, obviously not as much) in the green on that one.



Taking a look to see if it's time to double down.

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Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.





Apache/1.3.28 Server at www.capitalstool.com Port 80

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Mouse, Orbison's BLACK & WHITE concert they're so fond of running on PBS out here to raise funds with (Seattle is so provincially? RETRO - it's got a lot of THE lASSt PICTURE SHOW quality to it - you'd think you're in the 1950's with the gestalt out here at times, what with their fondness FUR things like drive in hamburger joints, etc.) hASS a song w lyrics and title? of "It's OVER" w ROYboy endlessly repeatin' same.


That's what the bulls want bears to believe, butt the joke's on them, probably.


Unless MERLIN is right...

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It may not be much of a victory, but this is a start.......



Looks like a #3 into the close.





I'll take whatever I can get, including a couple of double-strength rum and cokes (just shy of rule #5, of course). B)

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