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Glossary Part 3

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As usual, a natural disaster emerges to give Al Green the green light to Repo Blast the markets and pump in more liquidity.


What a farce.


All bad news is good news, because all bad news needs to be cleansed with unlimited credit lines available to "short - only" HedgeHogs, 18 billion in 28-day Repos, and more Hockey Stick money supply and credit graphs for Doug Noland.


Yet another event for The Time Capsule.

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Richmtn: Yeah, the 55 day cycle looks sweet. Like you hinted though, small sample; the previous swings aren't quite as regular.


Rayok: I've been one of those dumb bears too many times to count. Going to try not to be tempted short for the next couple of days anyway.


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Hurricane force winds extend outward up to 100 miles from the center!


This is an immense storm, hurricane winds covering 200 miles in diameter! Tropical storm force winds extend out 200 miles from center, i.e. 400 miles in diameter. Just a gargantuan beast. A Monster storm. And it's headed for the most heavily populated and industrialized corridor in the US.


No one can predict what the economic consequences will be. But there's going to be awsome destruction if this thing doesn't weaken.

Isabelle's power.



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Western Wireless, the rural cell phone company with brand name Cellular One. Going to try and get back in under $20 if the intraday cycles look right.


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From Bariester


In the Keys Flagler dispatched a train to "rescue" the inhabitants. It was too little, too late and it felt the full brunt of the storm, packed with passengers. Hundreds died when cars were lifted from the tracks and tossed on their sides in the tidal surge.


It was Dante-esque.


But most deaths occurred FURther north. Thereafter a mASSive effort at channelization and diking around Okechobee occurred, contributing, greatly, to the present malaise of the Everglades.


Typically American, no response until a Pearl Harbor.


The tragedy in Isla Morada/Key Largo stopped Flagler's train "dead" in it's tracks. The RR never ran again. J.P.'s partner never, really, recovered FURom the debacle, either, allegedly.



Yes indeed Bariester Flagler never recovered from the train disaster


He must have anticipated the tradgedy - as he died in 1914 and the train disaster occurred in 1935.

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