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Headzup, Yew Cycle Boyz! 4 Yr Or Snot?

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oh. wrong cycle. wrong tune. (well it had to do with BOTTOMS, anyway! "Fat Bottomed Gurlz")


Here y'all are, an interesting DISS-cussin' LOL re the 4 year cycle all those BULLZ have been YAPPING about so ridiculous?ly since mid October.




Note that it contains links to UDDER interesting responses to the notion of a 4 year cycle low, like that of Peter Eliades.


Note ASSwell that it says some indicators are, notwithstanding the rally, at bearish extremes. If this were the start of a new bull market, HRFF thinx you wouldn't be seeing things like that/this.


Anyway, those of yew imbued with cycle-eze can read to your little FARTS content.


oh. :mellow:


what? :huh:


it's HEARTS, snot FARTS? :o

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You read some strange stuff there Bare.

Coincidentally I was just trying to isolate the 4 year cycle low. I came up with late July 2002.

I also tried to do some calculations on longer cycles up to and including 70 years. They all are headed down having peaked in early 2000. Logic would say that this is probably correct since that was a very major top. As Doc says you can't really tell until after the fact. 40 and 70 year cycle peaks and bottoms could deviate by quite a few years. The wobble factor alone makes things difficult to read. But again considering the height of the bubble first quarter 2000 was most likely the high water mark.

At the peak all cycles up to and including 70 years were in sync.

As we move away from the top the long term cycles should become less in sync with each other. The various cycles will move in and out of phase with each other in different combinations.

Now wouldn't you like to know where we are now? :rolleyes:

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Just wanna say hi :) , Dec 3rd or 4th and Dec 10th or 12th are inportant Fib dates, the next two weeks should be very interesting !!!!! Love you Guys keep up the good work!!!! Nice new board DOC.very easy to get around.

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Nice avatar CG! :P

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The "wobble" factor??? :mellow: :huh: :o :blink:


HRFF LUVS it!!! :D


How 'bout the "WAFFLE" factor, too? :P



p.()()s. HRFF wuz once afflicted by the "wobble factor"!!!Yessireee, he wuz; on his way back to his dorm room in college, often on weekend nights! LOL

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HRFF suspects Stool of having chosen the avatar of WC FUR The BARE to send a SUBLIMINAL MSG, namely, that of a cigar operating ass a PACIFIER! :)

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