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In an experimental use of fish tanks at the University of Pennsylvania dental hospital waiting room, watching the fish was found to lower the patients' blood pressure as effectively as medication. Petting dogs or cats has the same effect on blood pressure. - - - from the current PAWS Newsletter


But what about ratties and mice?




From ars.usda.gov

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Gooood Morning Stoolburg!


Have you had your Golden Stool today? Doc gives the cmaps and cycle charts for this move. Uncle Buck too!


All in your Anals this morning.


Haven't subscribed yet? What are you waiting for? Click the link below for immediate access.

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hey stoolies, a quick note of astro caution - the full moon today is at 2:10 pm EST.


after the 24 jul full moon (pre-market), the market saw that massive outside reversal.


after the 22 aug full moon (aftermarket), the market reversed again.


after the 21 sep full moon (weekend), the sep down move seized up within a day, and 5 or so days of market arrythmia ensued before the downtrend resumed.


after the 21 oct full moon (premarket), the oct up move seized up within a day, and 9-10 sideways days ensued.


after the 19 nov full moon (aftermarket), the spx spiked 37 pts in the next two days.


we haven't had an intraday full moon since march.


energetic trends tend to inflate into a full moon, and deflate, pop, reverse, or reevaluate afterwards. not easily quantifiable in up/down terms. judgment NOT always sound during this period.


personally i'm taking a close look at closing spx puts this afternoon or tomorrow am, and then waiting to reload.

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Stoolwethers- 15 Market Moving Big Caps- Cycle charts with price targets.


Follow the Stoolwethers every morning in your Anals!

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Looks like someone opened a can of whoopass in the gold market.


Doc, don't know if you've seen that apparently (in M2M and Night Stool) we've adopted "We've Only Just Begun" as the official Golden Stool anthem.


Also I'm proposing that the official Stoolville holiday will be Merde-di Gras. Coming around Feb. 17 according to our astrological thread.

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Wow, I had to really look around for this. I guess they don't want to talk about it.


"North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts November 2002 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 0.79"


Link to article is here:



Keep two things in mind when you look at the semi b:b number. First, it is a voluntary reporting system and the reporters have been known to fudge the numbers. They don't fudge them downwards. Second and most important the nimber is based on a three month average. We know that things were ok through September and started to deteriorate in October. So the number is still being skewed by the stronger September numbers.


I calculate this number myself using the order data from AMAT, NVLS, KLAC, etc.. and projected revenues as a proxy for billings. My number is a low 0.6

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Gold and the dollah making short term double bottoms. Who wins today? Hmmm....


Would I rather own gold and/or gold shares or Oracle shares?


Bwah ha ha ha aha hh ha ha !!!!


Q's under 25.20 target. Will they reverse to the upside? Hmmm.....


Have December putz to close sometime today, hopefully a nice slide of panic proportions will prevail.

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