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Stool Happens

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That said on the Q's


My two small cap longs from wednesday's buys were up 9.4% and 7.5% today respectively.


the 80-20 rule always applies....


Licking chops to go full short next week. Prechter's group says look for confirm below 1441 on NAS to jump in with both feet...

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Checking some indicators on Q's


Money flow started going negative on Tuesday of this week, even with the spike on Wednesday factored in...


MF a negative 137 million for the week... :ph34r:


Would love to see a final spike up towards 30 on Q's next week... today is hard to gauge at all, so will wait til Monday.


Good luck to all, have a good weekend!

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fxfox- you got the right sense of humor for it!




I should give out 900 some custom titles and counting?? :unsure:


Doc does on occasion give special titles when others nominate same.


Here's how the process works. A stoolie nominates someone for a special title. Another stoolie seconds. Then we have other nominations and seconds. We hold conventions and select the official nominees. Doc runs a poll to select the winner. We use tush screen voting and send the results to the to be counted to the Supervisor of Election in Palm Beach County, Florida. The results will be announced in 3 weeks. In case of a tie, Katherine Harris gets to make the decison. Only Republican entries will count.

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No, same titles you've always used.... or 899 instead of 900... lol.


Enjoy the weekend. Even with my lame title, something tells me I will be whooping ass on the market as usual... title or none... after all, I am just a simple guy ;)

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Dear Goldiator


You put it all so very well.


But unfortunately the majority of humans cannot control their pavlovian response.


If they loose money it must be someones elses fault!!


eg DOC the purveyor of the advice.


He performes a useful scape goat service for the less intelligently inclined.


Those who do not wish to indulge in the hard work of independent thought and original analnysis.


To them the world is just a manician nightmare of continous frustration of desires.


If they believe in DOC's annals and they prove occassionally to be a false god.


Then why DOC must be crucified - ellectronically of coarse.


These poople inhabit a MUST world where their desires have become claims on reality.


They MUST win at day trading.

If they dont

Then someone else is responsible - and must pay.


The tone of the board does encourage blamism.

But of the good outward variety.


Come with the Board territory i am afraid.


Your advice was a wonder of reason!!!


The fundamental problem with reason is it only works with reasonabale people.


The thickest of skins is the only way to deal with those who do not fall within this exalted category.

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