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State Of Confusion

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Do Doc's cycles jive with that Merlin thing? I don't trust Friday.


On next S/T rally I'm adding more BEARX holdings and putting on the shortfolio again. VV short list has grown from a low of only 7 picks on Nov 29 to 35 picks as of today. Meta, 14 of which are our favorite BioDungs :lol:


CVTX $19 on an express southbound train to $7. :grin:

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Sweet day... This is a classic blowoff top in gold... I love it. I actually came in short HL today and covered this morning, then took a long position... the pullback yesterday and this morning was a gift... I expect gold to pullback again, but probably not til late tomorrow afternoon, at the rate gold is going up, it could be at $360 by morning...


All of a sudden the rest of the market doesn't matter at all, does it? We gots gold, man... all these bulls been saying for years that gold sucked as an investment are thinking now about what % of their ports they should invest in the yeller metal...


I mean does this beat the hell out of being short KLAC and getting jammed every day or what?


Got Gold?

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I'm showing CSCO up .11 after hours. (For after hours quotes, if your borker doesn't offer them, go to www.schwab.com. Enter the stock symbol, then .e (the e is for "extended") and you'll get the most recent after-hours trade. They seem to be pretty accurate. not to mention free)


Merciless, I'm still short IBM. Unfortunately it's up .12 after hours -- we'll see how long that lasts --- and I'm still holding March C and JPM puts ----



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Hey guys,


Piles, now I know you really don't trade on that shit. I've got a magic 8 ball somewhere in the garage and it might be right occasionally too. S&P still could not break down through the 890 area and volume is pathetic. I would be real carefull right here if you are short this market and long gold.

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I am very bearish tonight :grin:


The anals and gold (now 350+) have me shifting more powder to the brokerage accounts. Summations, too (and headfakes there are nothing new to me; mosquito bites).


I will only remotely think of covering if we have a serious 'accident' tomorrow, which I doubt.


Even if the crap is hitting the news fan....

Hurst cycles rarely stray (durably) for historic events (see pg. 148), except for brief reactions.



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AL - it's JPM,... also Citygroup, Rubin, along with Summers and a couple other bullion banks on the phone - they want to speak to you right NOW!


I couldn't make part of it out because of all the loud screaming in the background, but something about the rising Gold price.....AL?........AL!


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Meta, me too.


See ya Dec 2nd high:




The jams really don't phase me either. In this part of the cycle they evaporate quickly. Case in point this last Monday - all wiped out already. Not worth gaming that bullshit. When the intermediate trend is down jam potential shouldn't even be a consideration unless you are a high leveraged option/future player.


Fartpolio Manager nailed the top on Dec 2nd. He was razing me that day on Intraday. Gotta hand to him, he was all over it that day like ugly on an ape, or Abbey Joseph Cohen. :lol:

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"As usual, Neely and Prechter "


I don't read these guys but I've read enough posts here abot them to tell me that they're mostly full of crap.


Which one of these dudes was the idiot who is (was ?) calling for $200 Gold ?


To me they're dumb and dumber.


Common sense and long erm charts are all you need to trade this market.


Sometimes being smarter is not better when it comes to making money. In fat it can be a detriment.


Most wealthy people I've known are not that smart. They just have a good sense for handling money and can smell out a trend like a hound dog.


Buy when everyone else is selling and sell when Da Sheeple are buyin.


And like the old rock song "Turning Japanese" just save and save and save and don't spend a single dime unless you absolutely have to.


That's how to get rich and stay rich.


Ultimately there is no way out for most Americans unless they just refuse to pay. They're bound for the poor house for the next 100 years or so.


And as for the runup in Gold: Who is going to stop it now ? There is noone big enough to sell into this in the kind of truly massive way it would take to stop it.


It would be purely suicidal.


"both Crawford and Neely think gold's dramatic rise will be short-lived ie over by January 2003 vs. long-term bull - do you agree? "


I'd answer this question but if I did I'd probably get thrown off the Stool Board for the kind of language I'd use on this one.


So I'll just politely say:

NO !!! NO !!! NO !!! NO !!! NO !!! NO !!! NO !!! NO !!! NO !!! NO !!! NO !!!


Are these guys on drugs ?


"Here's one for End and the goldbugs:"


DogBoy DOES Feel fine but it is definitely not the end of the world. Not for a couple of years anyway.

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$354 an oz. Wow.


Remember what neely said on his interview. Very fast to 360 and then sideways then DOWN. We shall see. I'm selling at $360. Will buy buy back at $370 unless we break $370 tomorrow. :grin:




You be thinkin' short term. They both say sub 200 but, when is not now. They both think higher fur now. Neely's got $360+- $5. I will sell tomorrow regardless, unless we break $370. Then they are both wrong and we are on the fringe. :shocked :shocked :shocked

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