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. . . The Fed?if it wants to?could bail out any troubled financial institution or market through its monetization of debt to keep that market from deflating. In reading recent Fed speeches and research reports, it now appears that this is becoming official policy. A recent research paper by the Dallas Fed in May of this year outlines future Fed policy options to avoid deflation. They are as follows:


1) Implement a carry tax on holding cash of up to 1% per month.*


2) Purchase of assets; foreign currencies, real goods and services, long-term Treasuries and other financial assets such as corporate bonds, commercial paper, equities, and mortgages.


It is clear from research papers dating back to 1999, 2001, this year and recent FOMC meetings that the Fed is considering and weighing its options as the asset bubbles it created border on collapsing . . .


. . . Appearing on Crapvision?s ?Squawk Box? this morning, the Fed governor [McTeer] said thanks to Fed policy we can have it all, low inflation, low interest rates and high economic growth due to excess capacity and unemployment in the system . . .


*Doesn't seeing this again just make u want to puke? Keep spreading the word!

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Gold Not Exempt from Coming Financial System Liquidation


Your Golden Stool, including short and long term updated charts and price targets, is now loaded, and it should make goldbugs happy. Even if you are not a goldbug, you should read the Golden Stool! A daily Anals release. Take a subscribatory and get the latest release of the Golden Stool from your Anals RIGHT NOW!

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Merrill More Positive on Chip Stocks

Thursday July 31, 8:14 am ET



NEW YORK (Reuters) - Merrill Lynch on Thursday said many semiconductor stocks are poised to jump in value by as much as 20 percent to 40 percent when chip prices and demand rise.

anal cyst Joseph Osha wrote in a research note that he had shifted to "a more positive stance" on chip stocks overall, which have risen 45 percent in the last six months. Investors have piled onto chip shares in recent months amid early signs of a recovery from a three-year business downturn.



Osha placed a "buy" rating on six chip makers previously rated "neutral": Intersil Corp. (NasdaqNM:ISIL - News), Linear Technology Corp. (NasdaqNM:LLTC - News), Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (NasdaqNM:MXIM - News), Microchip Technology Inc. (NasdaqNM:MCHP - News), National Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE:NSM - News) and Semtech Corp. (NasdaqNM:SMTC - News).


In pre-open trading, shares of Intersil rose 5 percent to $24.20 from a Wednesday close of $23.06. National Semiconductor rose 2 percent to $21.20 from a Wednesday close of $20.76.


"Most stocks in our universe end up showing between 20 percent and 40 percent upside potential," Osha wrote, referring to the group of chip stocks he covers.



Yup. Now that they've doubled and tripled in value, and in spite of no earnings, he luvs 'em. However, someone downgraded APC this morning, selling at 10X earnings and being premptive by letting go of 1/2 their drilling rigs. :blink:

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Guest bullseatshitndie

US Q2 GDP up 2.4% on higher defense spending by Greg Robb

US Q2 GDP up 2.4% on higher defense spending WASHINGTON (CBS.MW) -- U.S. economic growth accelerated in the second quarter, boosted by the largest increase in defense spending since the Korean War era, the Commerce Department estimated Thursday. Real gross domestic product rose at a 2.4 percent annual rate after growing at 1.4 percent rate in the first quarter. Economists were expecting a growth rate of about 1.5 percent. Defense spending rose 44.1 percent, the largest increase since the third quarter of 1951. Consumer spending rose 3.3 percent, and investments in equipment and software rose 6.9 percent. Trade was a large drag on Q2 growth and inventories had a smaller negative impact. Consumer prices rose 0.9 percent.



take out govt spending and what the hell is so bullish???

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Fantasy Island in Alice in Repo Land.


Matrix Operators knew the results of the report early this morning, so a Supermodel Upgrade was inserted to PowerJam that sector to give it a head start for today's Boner Run.


Watch AMAT, INTC, and CSCO carefully. Looks like they will gap up to new highs for the year and run away to the upside.


Bonds will probably get crushed on the GDP news. But obviously, that is of little importance to Riverboaters, as more money gets rotated into stocks.......


Huge breakaway gap on KOSP and SFNT. Surprises remain on the upside.


Gold and dollar unfazed by the news so far.

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Let's see, we had an equity bubble, a housing bubble, a credit bubble, a bond bubble and now we're seeing a "defense" bubble. Man, life is good. :P

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