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As an eBay user(always as seller) I am seeing selling getting more difficult.Less bidding,lower bids and lots of stuff getting no bids at all.


I must confess that this is generally in the "antiques and curiosa" section.However,if it is bad there and especially bad

for higher priced stuff,then Ebay is heading down(based on my funnymentals that is).


OK so they get placement commissions for each item but the serious money is made on the sales commission-5% on the first $100 and a couple of percent on the rest.I reckon that sales commissions are deteriorating rapidly.


Ther are probably too many sellers now and if you don't sell first time,you may give it a second shot but after that you give up.Tings aint wot dey usta bee.


Having said all that,it will probably take the share price another 6 months to be affected by my reality.My timing stinks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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