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i am not covering PIXR til MINIMUM 55 and some loose change.....thats at minimum....Seeing as stochs reversing, may get 1 more pop for distribution, but I will load more in...Currently 20,000 shares short at an average of 60.68 and a very very patient bear.....Fear is good, but being afraid to short and hold parabolic stocks with buried stochastics is just funny.....I wouldnt be a good bear if I didnt know how to find short term tops in stocks, and rarely can you find longer term tops like in PIXR now or like NVLS at 37 and MXIM at 44...covered those today.....Those 2 trades made my entire next year already. Now if I was afraid to short them up there and hold em , whats the point in reading charts? They were blatant tops.....

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Meta, 1355.55 is 100% Fibo retracement support now, after the bounce - but it wasn't any meaningful Fibo level before the bounce, so it couldn't have caused it. Maybe they just took her 5 points below the 50-dma to collect some stops.




Exactly, Vesselin. We Californians specialize in converting delusion to reality......and with fibos, too :grin:


Now how can we compare that with Doc's vastly superior Hurst methodology....which is what allows me to confidently stick my neck out and totally ignore the news :lol:

.....and gain even more disrespect for Hogberg, Prechter et al. ?

I'd like to see a face-off between the 2 systems. But then again.........


BBH; been shorting since $150. It's winding up for a hurl. See 6 and 12 month suctor cycles. Meanwhile, here is the (inferior) fibo take. The money flow is.....special. What I don't like about BBH is the absolute AMGN dominance......still way overpriced...and may still hit $55.....POS.


I'll take PD's advice and construct my own bioturdfolio in January. No highly shortable stock should be left unshorted.










BTW, I love the 12 month rollover action for IBM. See the anals. It's a lover.



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Their resume reads like something like a manifesto from a resident at the Lunatic Asylum of Insane Economists. You might want to jot down in your notes that this is the same bunch of government dolts that have spent more than an entire decade confiscating the money of the peasants with zero interest rates on their savings, pumping out yen at a rate that caused the printing presses to perennially glow red hot, going fantastically into colossal debt, massive budget deficits everywhere, and now they are committing both the venal sin of purposeful socialist stupidity AND promising to economically murder the citizens via inflation! The only thing that the Japanese government did NOT do was to say to the Japanese people "We hate you! We hate you! We hate you!"

Until I got to the "Japanese" reference I thought he was talking about the US. Looks like our economic wizards are heading us down the same path for sure. :shocked

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