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That's a great story. Mind you, if I know the British, they'd have cracked up at the rhyme and willingly gone in for a drink in such a good humored place.


But that's your average Anglo-Saxon Brit. I suspect their aristocratic, Norman masters would be more likely to take offence at being associated with scummy Anglo-Saxons.


BTW: a genetic test on the Brits a few years back found most of them had more DNA in common with ancient Britons than from Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans, Romans or Celts. The previous five "races" were all newcomers to those ancient lands



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Thanks, Doc! Yes, that makes sense. I tend to look at horizontal support and resistance lines coming from the highs and lows of the past few days - it didn't occur to me to look at a longer intra-day formation; I normally use moving averages for longer periods. Heh, looks like a hunchback, that one. LOB, when the neckline breaks.


MU is having what wndysrf calls "the lone turd chart formation". :lol: Price hasn't been there since 1998 - and it's not even Dover Sole yet on the daily charts...




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Guest Icky Twerp

from The Daily Reckoning, Mogamo Guru:


Their resume reads like something like a manifesto from a resident at the Lunatic Asylum of Insane Economists. You might want to jot down in your notes that this is the same bunch of government dolts that have spent more than an entire decade confiscating the money of the peasants with zero interest rates on their savings, pumping out yen at a rate that caused the printing presses to perennially glow red hot, going fantastically into colossal debt, massive budget deficits everywhere, and now they are committing both the venal sin of purposeful socialist stupidity AND promising to economically murder the citizens via inflation! The only thing that the Japanese government did NOT do was to say to the Japanese people "We hate you! We hate you! We hate you!"


I can only repeat the caveat given by The Daily Reckoning:


It may be worth noting that the Mogambo's opinions are his and his alone...however much fun we have reading them, they do not reflect the views of the Daily Reckoning staff.

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